“I Wish I Would Have Been A Batter Instead”, Ashwin says regretfully


Ravichandran Ashwin made this remark during a recent interview with The Indian Express. He was talking about the challenges of being a bowler in the Indian cricket team, and how it has changed his relationships with his teammates.

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Ashwin said that when he first started playing for India, he was close friends with his teammates. They would hang out together, go out for meals, and talk about everything under the sun. However, as Ashwin’s bowling became more important to the team, he found that he had less time to spend with his friends. He was often training or traveling, and when he was with the team, he was always focused on his bowling.

This led to a change in Ashwin’s relationships with his teammates. They were still friendly, but they were no longer as close as they once were. Ashwin said that he sometimes felt like he was just a colleague to his teammates, rather than a friend.

Ravichandran Ashwin also said that he sometimes regretted becoming a bowler. He said that he missed the days when he could just relax and enjoy cricket with his friends. However, he also said that he is proud of what he has achieved as a bowler, and he would not change his career path for anything.

Here are some Additional Thoughts on Ashwin’s remark:

It is interesting to see how Ashwin’s relationships with his teammates have changed over time. It is clear that his bowling has become more important to the team, and this has taken a toll on his personal relationships.

Ashwin’s remark also raises some questions about the role of bowlers in the Indian cricket team. Are bowlers seen as more important than batsmen? Do they have to make more sacrifices in order to be successful?

Ultimately, Ashwin’s remark is a personal one. He is reflecting on his own experiences as a bowler, and how it has affected his relationships with his teammates. However, his comments are also likely to resonate with other bowlers, who may have experienced similar challenges.