5 Top Cities of India that offer Career Opportunities in Gaming

The modernization of technology has made life incredibly easy for us, and one linked industry that has benefited from this progress is gaming.

Gaming has been around for a while, but since the pandemic, its appeal has grown significantly, and games are now more immersive and participatory. Here in this article, we’ll go into more detail about the top five Indian cities that provide career opportunities in the gaming industry.

Different careers in Esports

Many people who are unaware of the gaming industry believe that the only professions available are for professional players, but there are numerous other fields where you can pursue a career, including those of a content creator, psychologist, coach, game developer, tester, designer, journalist, and many more. Let’s have a look at the list of Top 5 Cities one by one in the below format: 

5. Bengaluru:  

Bengaluru popularly termed as “Silicon Valley of India” comes 5th in our list as the city ties with several gaming companies . 

The companies belonging to this city outsource gaming developers, testers, and other experts in this domain making Bangalore as one of the emerging cities in the gaming scenario. 

Companies like- Juego Studios, Zynga Game Network, and Dumadu Games and others have worked extremely hard to Put Bengaluru on the map of Indian Esports

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal invested $155 million dollars in NRG esports after witnessing 30,000 Kids involved in League of Legends

4. Pune:  

Pune comes 4th in our list as the city already has reputed institutes that provide designing and animation courses due to short-term and diplomas and due to the increasing popularity of mobile games, the interest of Youth in the city has increased in magnitude. 

Startup companies like GodSpeed Games, June Gaming, GlobalStep Services, and Dark Slope India are hiring the best gaming talents from all over the country. 

3.  New Delhi:  

New Delhi capital of India, comes 3rd on our list with several gaming events that are organized to pick skilled individuals in this field and it gives wide exposure to players who are interested in gaming. 

StudioKrew, Mad Over Games, AppRoarr Studios, and Freak X Apps are examples of some of the gaming companies who have made their presence felt in the city. 

2.  Mumbai

Mumbai comes 2nd in our list as the city has become hub for technological and gaming corporations also the immense growth of IT sector in the city is another reason which has scaled the popularity of gaming in this Metropolitan city. 

Several colleges in the city have certification courses in game development, production designing, game programming & animation. 

Also, Emerging startups like Nazara and Smaash in Mumbai provide lot of opportunities to gamers in the city. 

1. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad comes 1st in our list, as the city has an increased number of opportunities in gaming. several game development studios are opening up in the city and are hiring for varied roles like- game testers, designers, game and 3d developers, character modelers, and quality analysts. 

The city has companies like- Capermint Technologies, Nimblechapps, and GameAnax Studio have become leading and emerging companies in the space of VR Technology. 

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