“I am not fast bowler like them” Sachin’s funny response on becoming next BCCI President question goes viral

Sachin Tendulkar

When the “God of Cricket,” Sachin Tendulkar, speaks, there is no other option than to listen to what the legendary batsman has to say.

He recently took part in India Today Conclave, when a question on the potential BCCI president was posed to him “Because Roger Binny and Sourav Ganguly were both fast bowlers, I can’t run for president like they did. I am regrettably not a fast bowler “Sachin gave a humorous reply.

Tendulkar shared another funny incident revolving around Sourav Ganguly, the moment later used to clinch the wickets, He would constantly tell me that I will bowl over 140 KPH and he also practiced it purposely and then after two days he used to miss practice as his shoulders used to hurt.

Another question was asked to him regarding ODI)(One day International Cricket) is losing its significance in today’s time frame to which he responded “50 Over cricket is getting boring especially the way there is restriction on using only two balls during the crux of the game. The entire art of not allowing ball to reverse swing is another factor which is tilting momentum in favor of Batsman which doesn’t make it fair contest” .

Although Sachin may have responded to this in a humorous fashion, the truth is that he is not yet interested in the position.

The regulation against using saliva was put in place because of COVID19, but now that the pandemic’s effects have passed, it should be made necessary in order to revive interest in ODI cricket.

Tendulkar also recreated iconic shot of 2003 world cup where he explained the technicality behind playing that iconic six over 3rd man which became the highlight of that match.

Tendulkar was phenomena on that day, and single handedly approached Men in Blue’s victory against arch rivals Pakistan.

The shot he played against Shoaib Akhtar is still recorded as one of the finest shots in cricketing history.