How much winning bronze medal in 2020 Olympics by Indian men’s hockey team will inspire budding players to take up our national sport as profession?

When the Indian Men’s Hockey team won the gold medal in the 1980 Olympics under the leadership of V Bhaskaran and Company who would have thought as Hockey fan that India had to wait close to 41 years to bag another medal in Hockey but when that happened under the leadership of Manpreet Singh many fans who loved Hockey being our national sport were emotional and thanked Hockey India, Sports Ministry entire players, and officials for bringing a revolution in Indian hockey.

But the biggest question arises how much this victory can change the face of Indian hockey in the future or in other words how many budding players will be inspired to take up the beautiful sport of hockey as a profession.

But before that it was great news for all Indian Hockey admirers after the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award was renamed on “Major Dhyan Chand Award” who was the legendary sporting icon also known as “magician of Hockey” is a proud moment for all Hockey fans.

Let’s talk about the impact of this Bronze medal victory by the Indian men’s Hockey team in detail point wise:

  1. Orissa has become a hub of Indian hockey with world-class astroturf and world-class facilities available in the state and also the government will be sponsoring both Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams for 10 years
  2. So anyone who will be playing the sport as a budding player and will be looking to take up this as a profession will be optimistic to see the facilities that Indian Hockey sporting structure at the moment
  3. The players are getting good rewards and foreign coaches are hired by Hockey India who can impart the skills to Indian players based on International standard
  4. Sports Authority of India does hold a camp for both Men and Women’s hockey teams a regular basis
  5. A league like FIH is organized for the betterment of Men’s Hockey team  where they can share the dressing room with International superstars to learn the nuances of the sport to a great extent

With the facilities, Leagues, Monetary benefits, and achievements of the Indian Men’s Hockey team, the future of Indian hockey looks bright for all budding players who want to take up this sport as a profession.