How does a Football Club Make Money?

How does a Football Club Make Money

Football, the one and most popular game in the world. It has the most huge fan base than any other game in the world.  There is club football goes around the world than international matches. This makes football world cup so emotional and unique compared to any other sports. So how do these clubs have a revenue? In today’s column, let us have a look at how football clubs earn their incomes.

How does a Football Club Make Money

Through Broadcasting Rights

A television right plays a huge part in fetching income for the club. English and European leagues are watched all over the world and there is no country in the world which does not watch these leagues. According to reports, it earns a total of 5.14 billion Euros in television rights department. La Liga fetches 1.5 billion in television rights.

There is something interesting at this point; revenue distribution is different in La Liga. Likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona takes 40 percent of the profit from broadcasting rights and rest money is shared among other teams.

Their Match Day’s Income

Every fan will be in cloud nine and will be at the peak of their excitement on match day. When it comes to the stadium it will be jam-packed. This comes as an income for the club too. The match day TRP in crunch moments, the matchday ticket sales, stadium ticket sales, and other few sponsors passes.

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Jersey Sales

Every fan will love to wear the jersey of his teams and admire in the mirror especially when comes to wearing the jersey with their favorite players in the team.  This culture boost sales and the team can earn through the jersey sales outside and stadium and even in the showroom.

If millions of people buy jerseys, imagine the income the team is going to get? That too in football where the entire planet will be buying it, its jaw-dropping isn’t it?

Jersey Sponsorship

Football Club:-  Every company needs its brand to be recognized and sports are the best platform for it. So, printing their brand name on the jersey is the best way to reach the people. But it is not that easy to print it. They must go through the auction for that and there will be such huge competition for it.

And the prices will be on top to acquire that. The firms should spend millions to get those contracts. This fetches a huge profit for team management.

Home Ground Advertisement Sponsors

In-stadium, there will be names of several companies in the seats and inside banners. This takes a huge amount and the profit will be fetched to the team management. It will be given to the home team of the ground and it will be done throughout the season for it. Even that will be decided in the auction as the place in the stadium and ground will be very limited.

Winning Tournaments

Football Club:-  This makes winning the tournament a must for every team. It is not that they get paid even if they win or lose. They get highly paid when they win tournaments as prize money is in million Euros. This is another reason for fighting so hard towards victory and makes football games more and more interesting and thrilling. Only winning tournaments can fetch you the biggest profit out of all.

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Conclusion: football is the sport which fetches high profits due to its popularity. The craze for this game never dies which is also one of the major reasons for the clubs to earn huge lumps of money. Football Club gets lots of sponsorship support which fetches huge profit for the team management than the management in any other sports.

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