How a British “Jhalmuri” Vendor became an Overnight Sensation | World Cup 2019

British Jhalmuri Vendor

British Jhalmuri Vendor: It was the match between India and Australia and the fans reached the Oval stadium to enjoy the royal innings of Virat and his boys smashing the ball out of the park but were amused to see a British vendor selling Jhalmuri outside the cricket stadium.

India won the match against Australia by 36 runs and spectators out of excitement gathered around vendor Angus Denoon and enjoyed the victory by eating his famous “Jhalmuri”.

A video was shared by any fan on Twitter showing Angus Deenon preparing the Jhalmuri.

According to the Telegraph, Angus Deenon admitted having learned the dishes from his masters based in Kolkata. His Jhalmuri priced at Rs. at £3.50, or Rs 310 and is wrapped in a classic cone made out of newspaper.  This isn’t the only occasion of him stealing the limelight, he and his shop Jhalmuri Express has made its impression in a documentary called ‘The Jhal Muri Wallah of London: “Everybody Love, Love Jhal Muri Express“.

He became the overnight sensation when his video became viral and even Amitabh Bachchan became his die hard and tweeted about him.

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