High & Low moments and released players of Royal Challengers Bangalore


The gigantic Royal Challengers team has been known as the strongest franchise of all time which has had the world’s best players. Despite having had the world’s best players on its side, the franchise has been unfortunate to make any trophy to its name. Royal Challengers Bangalore has been the dominant opponent for strong teams such as Mumbai and Chennai. RCB is known for amassing gigantic scores. The franchise wins the spot when it comes to entertaining the fans. The journey of RCB has been full of fluctuations in the league.

High Moment

The high moment for the franchise came in the 2nd edition of the Indian Premier League which was held in 2009. RCB stepped in the final with overall superb performances throughout the whole season. RCB played 14 matches in the season and got victories in 8 crucial games. The whole season went really well for the franchise. They made it to the finals in just the 2nd edition of IPL which was a great moment.

Low Moment

RCB had witnessed the worst phase of their journey till now in the year 2019 when they were brutally kicked out of the tournament. Despite having a rich history of key players in its favor, RCB was thrashed by average teams in the 2019 season of the Indian Premier League. RCB is considered unfortunate for they have lost the title even after coming very close to winning. The franchise is still in search of its first IPL trophy. In 2019, RCB participated in 14 matches and was able to win only 5 of them.

Releasing Key Players

Chris Gayle

The franchise released one of its trump cards Chris Gayle. The most destructive batsman in the world, Gayle had the record of playing the gigantic inning of 175 runs on behalf of Royal Challengers. Despite his reputation, RCB released him in 2018.

Yuzi Chahal

Right-arm leg spinner, Chahal has a long IPL tenure while playing for the Challengers. Chahal had bowled some magical spells to guide his team to win. He had been a part of the RCB franchise from 2014 to 2021.