Geeta Phogat Husband – Wrestler Pawan Kumar

Geeta Phogat Husband Pawan Kumar

Geeta Phogat Husband: It is a known fact that Geeta Phogat or Geeta Kumari Phogat is a well-known wrestler in India. Geeta Phogat is a popular wrestler, whose character in the Movie Dangal attracted a lot of people across the world. The movie is based on a true story, which inspires women to take part in sports for a better future.

Geeta Phogat Husband Pawan Kumar

Geeta Phogat Husband

Geeta Kumari Phogat married to popular wrestler in India, who is known as Pawan Kumar. Not many people are aware of the wrestler only because there is no movie made on him. His achievements and awards are equivalent to Geeta Kumari Phogat and won a lot of medals in International tournaments.

Geeta Phogat’s husband Pawan Kumar has been a great wrestler for India in the category of 86 KG because of his achievements. There is a lot of competition for men wrestling across the world and it is necessary to have the best set of skill sets to win medals in tournaments. Pawan Kumar has won a total of 2 gold, one silver and one bronze medals in different tournaments.

Pawan Kumar hails from Haryana from a middle-class family. Haryana is a popular state in the country, which is offering great wrestlers to represent India for a long time. Pawan Kumar hails from Haryana, who is known for his exceptional achievements for the country in various international tournaments.

As Haryana is a center point for all the wrestlers in the country, it is evident that Pawan has got an added advantage of learning the sport in a quick span of time. His grown-up place has plenty of small institutions, which organize coaching and training sessions for youngsters. Pawan was attracted to the sport in the early age, which helped reach great heights over a period of time.

Pawan Kumar took up the sport when he was a kid and managed to grow along to play professionally. He had an impeccable record in the nearby tournaments for a long time, which helped him gain entry to SAI. SAI or Sports Authority of India is known to pick players from different parts of the country without bias. Pawan Kumar was picked up early and started his professional training to represent the country in various international tournaments.

Geeta Phogat Husband Career

Geeta Phogat Husband Career

Geeta Phogat Husband, Pawan Kumar was a quality wrestler, who worked hard to reach the national level in an effective way. As he had a lot of players around him ever since he was a child, he learned the art of wrestling a quick span of time. There were many local tournaments, which won by Pawan Kumar and they helped him to get picked for bigger tournaments. It is important to know and understand the grown-up conditions while judging a player because it helps them to find the actual talent in the individual from time to time.

Geeta Phogat Husband in Commonwealth Championships 2011

Geeta Phogat Husband in Commonwealth

Pawan Kumar started his career with Commonwealth Championships. He participated in the championship in the year 2011, which was hosted in Australia. The tournament was a fine start for the player because he emerged as the final winner of the battle. There were players from different parts of the world participated and it was hard for him to defeat every player without much professional training and experience. Pawan Kumar managed to beat all the players in the tournament, which gave a huge blow towards representing India in 86 KG or above.

The wrestler has a reputation of attacking the player in a quick span of time. As an aggressive attitude play a vital role in the opponent’s mind, it is easier to beat and gain points from time to time. Most of the people prefer using attack technique only when they find opportunity, but Pawan starts off his match with attacking technique, which helps him gain confidence over the opponent in an easy way.

Pawan Kumar in Commonwealth Championship 2013

Geeta Phogat Husband Pawan Kumar in Commonwealth 2013

Commonwealth championship 2013 was a crucial tournament for him to stay selected for Glasgow commonwealth games. As commonwealth games were nearing up, it was important for every player to give his or her best in order to win the tournament and get selected for the bigger one. Pawan played perfectly all through the tournament and managed to win Gold by beating the opponent in finals.

It is highly recommended for people to watch the final match again and again because it gives a clear understanding of the game and game techniques in a beautiful way. Pawan Kumar is more like an artist, who knows how to attack from the first minute of the game. Pawan was highly motivated and had won Gold in the previous championships. The wrestler managed to win the gold and was all set to play Commonwealth games, which took place in Glasgow.

Pawan Kumar in Commonwealth Games

Pawan Kumar in Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth games are one of the highly important tournaments, which attracts people from all over the world. CommonWealth games are played among commonwealth nations across the world, which takes place once in 3 years. Indian wrestlers prefer playing in commonwealth games because it plays a vital role to bring pride to the country.

Pawan Kumar is a star wrestler, who has managed to win two gold medals in Commonwealth championships held in 2011 and 2013. As the wrestler is a qualified wrestler in India under 86 KG category, it is evident that he represents the country. Pawan Kumar is an aggressive wrestler, who has a reputation of going after the opponent from the beginning stage of the match.

The wrestler was all charged up and started his group matches with a high success rate. It is important to focus on the opponent’s strengths and weakness because it helps them to gain quick points. Pawan Kumar was highly motivated after two golds consecutively and started his journey in the Commonwealth Games.

The wrestler met Luigi Bianco of Scotland in the quarterfinals and the match favored Pawan Kumar with 5-0. Kumar took up  Tamerlan Tagziev of Canada in the Semi-Finals and was defeated with 5-0. The race is still on for Bronze medal and Kumar meets Muhammad Inam of Pakistan and gives a good fight till the end. The match results in the favor of Pawan Kumar, which awards him a bronze medal.

Geeta Phogat Family

Geeta Phogat Family

Pawan Kumar is married to Geeta Kumari Phogat, who is one of the popular women wrestlers in the country. Pawan Kumar Hails from a simple middle-class family and started wrestling from an early age. Kumar is currently working for ONGC, A government organization. The job was honored under the sports category.

Pawan Kumar Net Worth

Pawan Kumar Net Worth

Pawan Kumar has won more than a couple of tournaments so far and has earned himself a good job in a government organization. The net worth is coming up to 50lakhs as per a survey in 2018.

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