From Virat Kohli denying Sourav Ganguly statement in Public domain to not shaking hands with each other this rivalry has come a long way

Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly

All the reports of clash between Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli not having good talking terms have turned out to be true

As these two star players were up against each other in yesterday’s encounter in different role.

Kohli played a sublime knock as player and contributed heavily with the bat and field in response to Ganguly serving as the mentor to Delhi Capitals

There were few instances in the match where Kohli took a catch stare at KKR dugout it seems that he is looking towards Ganguly.

The video which went viral where Kohli and Ganguly are not shaking hands might be due to completing the post match preceding .In the video it seems that things are not well between these two star personalities.

This is not the first instance , where Kohli had an altercation with senior it has happened in the past too.

One cannot forget the report of things not working well between Kohli and Kumble when the latter was Head Coach of India ultimately Kumble resigned as Head Coach post and Shastri was given responsibility.

Former India Cricketer and legend Sunil Gavaskar has said on live television “If Kohli would come and ask my help I will help him out”

To which Virat Responded not taking any names “If anyone wants to help me he should genuinely come and help me out”

The other altercation between Ganguly and Kohli where the former being the BCCI president asked later to not step down from his captaincy spot in Test Cricket and later denying in the media “No one asked him to retain his leadership spot” which added another rift between these two.

No handshake exchange between these two players have given rise to distinct speculation on social media with fans sharing different emotions on this incident.

However no reactions have yet come from these two parties yet.