Former Indian Cricketer and current BJP MP Gautam Gambhir Launches ‘Jan Rasoi’ to serve lunch at Rs 1 in his constituency

Former Indian cricketer and East Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir is winning hearts of people on Internet after he launches ‘Jan Rasoi’ canteen to serve the lunch in each of the 10 assembly constituencies in East Delhi.

He will be inaugurating the first such canteen in Gandhi Nagar on Thursday which will be followed by Ashok Nagar on 26th January 2021 based on the report from Hindustan Times.

According to statement issued from Politician office that every canteen will accommodate 100 people at a time as current situation demands social distancing due to COVID-19 will  only allow 50 people to eat at one time. The project has been funded by his own MP fund along with his foundation and there is no support taken from government for this humanitarian cause.

Gautam who is always known for his blunt opinion whether it is related to cricket or life in general recently expressed his disappointment over migrant labourers  who were forced to go back to their home due to lack of job and food amid this pandemic time. He further stated that some people cannot afford food twice in a day and these things needs to be eradicated.

“I have always felt that everybody has the right to healthy and hygienic food irrespective of caste, creed, religion or financial condition. It is saddening to see the homeless and destitute not being able to get even two square meals a day. The ‘Jan Rasoi’ at Gandhi Nagar, one of the biggest wholesale garment markets in the country, will be a full modern canteen which will provide lunch to those in need for just Re 1,” Gautam Gambhir said according to a statement from his office.

“Some states run canteens which provide subsidised food to the needy but the national capital has no such facility where low priced good food is made available to people. During the lockdown too, we witnessed thousands of migrant labourers being forced to leave the city due to lack of food and other basic resources,” he added.