Football’s super agent, Mino Raiola reacts to attack on Woodward’s house


Manchester United vice-chairman and CEO, Ed Woodward’s home was targeted by a small group of supposed Manchester United fans on Tuesday night and Paul Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola has reacted to the issue. Mino Raiola expressed his support for Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward after his house in Cheshire was targeted by several supporters on Tuesday night.mino-raiola-on-man-ytd-attack

A group of supposed fans clad in balaclavas rung the intercom outside Woodward’s house late on Tuesday night and proceeded to throw flares onto the property after receiving no answer.

It is understood that Woodward, his wife, and the pair’s twin daughters were not inside the house at the time of the attack.

Raiola, the agent of United midfielder Paul Pogba and a man who has had professional run-ins with United in the past, told The Athletic:


“If anyone has used me as a reason to create any anger towards Ed, they are totally in the wrong because my relationship with Ed is good, it is professional, and we don’t always need to agree but that’s normal.

“What happened last night is not normal. It is violence and I condemn any type of violence. These guys are morons and this is criminal behaviour.

“These people need to be locked up and re-educated. This cannot be part of sport. This is sport — S P O R T. This is not a question of life and death, it is EN-TER-TAIN-MENT.

“Do you think people attack the house of Brad Pitt if he makes a bad movie? Or does Quentin Tarantino get death threats because his film was not good? There is no reason or excuse, none whatsoever for this and Ed Woodward has my full support and solidarity.”

Cheshire police say they are working to identify those responsible for throwing the flares. A statement from the Greater Manchester force read:

“At around 10.45pm on 28 Jan, Cheshire police notified of an incident of criminal damage that had taken place earlier this evening with a large group targeting a property.

 “Thankfully no-one was harmed, and officers will liaise with security officials over the coming days to establish the full circumstances surrounding this incident and identify those involved.”