FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 – Schedule, Venues & Details

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : Sport is one of the most powerful mediums to promote and uphold gender equality today. With more and more women taking sporting as a serious career option and the crowd support and fan base, increasing for women’s sports, there has never been a better time for the women’s sports evolution.

As recent as a decade ago, there wouldn’t be broadcast rights sold for women’s sports, the arenas would be empty save for the locker room staff and a few passionate fans, but today, women’s sports have filled stadiums chanting the players’ names echoing through your television screens.

And like all, the king of sports, Football leads from the front! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled for later this year has grabbed eyeballs for being the biggest yet. For the last 3 tournaments, the US Team has been going strong successfully defending their titles. Will they be able to do it for the 4th consecutive time, is anyone’s guess?

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : Officially started about 28 years ago in 1991, many years after Men’s Football had found its firm footing, the sport started gaining popularity all around the globe with many clubs fielding their own women’s football teams and even all women’s teams being founded.

Much like its men’s counterpart, the tournament has hosted 24 finalists duking it out for the World Championships every 4 years upscaling it from 16 since the 2015 edition, after going through preliminary competitions in their respective continents monitored by their respective Football Confederations.

In the Group stage of the Tournament, the teams compete against each other in a Round Robin format and then compete against competition from the opposite Group in a knockout. The finals are always a grand affair and the winners boast the bragging rights of being called Champions for the next 4 years.

The great and continued success of the American Women’s Football Team over the competition has yielded great statistical figures for TV Broadcasters, with the 2015 Finals Telecast being the highest ever watched 90 minutes in American sporting history with nearly 23 million viewers tuning in. Globally, the numbers held were upwards of 750 million showing the sheer amount of support for women’s sport in general.

For a sport that saw its first World Cup held in China as an experiment, 58 years after the men’s category played for their first World Cup, that’s a long way traversed in a very short span of time and there are only great things in store in the future!

Let us have a brief look at the upcoming Women’s Football world cup 2019:

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 Host Nation

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FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : Hosting a world cup is a very prestigious feel for any country and it makes the entire nation proud irrespective of the team which is going to be crowned on the final day. In 2014, in the Month of April, the association interested in hosting the prestigious event was asked to submit the forms and documents and quotations.

England, France, Korea Republic, New Zealand, and South Africa were the countries showed dire Interest in hosting the women’s world cup. It then came down to two countries when the French football federation and Korea Football association remained in the contention. In 2015, it was decided that France will be hosting the women’s world cup in 2019.

Advantages for the Hosting country

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : As said earlier, hosting the world cup will bring honors to the country and it is one of the proud moments for any nation across the Planet. This will give so much pride to the country among other nations. The government of the country will provide full security to cities and the stadium where the matches will be held. It will also provide the football team of the host country an automatic qualification.

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 Qualification Matches Scenario

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : Slots were allotted continental wise. Slots are allotted from each continent as follows:

  • Asia: 5 slots
  • Africa: 3 slots
  • North America, central and Caribbean: 3 slots
  • Europe – 8 slots
  • South America– 2 slots
  • Oceania – 1 slot.

And one slot is considered as an automatic qualification which is given to the host country.

Totally 24 teams will be qualified for the world cup.  

All about Emblem-

FIFA Women’s Football World Cup 2019 : In the year of 2017, Emblem for the world cup was released in the Land of French. It was designed like in the shape of the world cup and trophy with the added color of the Flag of France.

No matter how many matches you witness in television and stadiums, a world cup will always be a special feel. When the world cup comes to your own country, there is no better feeling than that. Waiting for world cup adds more energy and every football fan will be planning their holidays in the office and will be ready for the matches much earlier. Happiness has no bounds, the world is another form of happiness this year for the people of France. Only suggestion to fans will be, a win or lose, take everything in a sportive manner and enjoy a game with utmost happiness in the heart.

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