Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

Kevin Pietersen Made Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

Fastest Batsmen to Reach 2000 Runs in ODI


No matter how good a batsman you are, it’s hard to come and make a statement right from the start of your international career. However, time and again, some players have proved that wrong and announced their arrival in a stellar fashion from the very first game of their career. One-Day International cricket has been witnessed by a lot of such batsmen, over the years.

These very players made an instant impact and told the cricketing world that there are here to stay. Cricket Pundits have often taken by surprise with their ability to score runs consistently for their respective teams. It didn’t take them long to complete 1000 runs in ODI cricket and then convert into 2000. 

In this article, we look at five batsmen fastest to reach 2000 runs in ODI cricket: 


#5 Jonathan Trott (47 Innings)

Jonathan Trott Made Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

When he made his debut for England, the world knew they were up for something special. Trott made a fantastic start to his cricketing career in both Tests as well as ODIs. Known for his textbook style of play, Trott had a bulk of the job for his English team during his 50-over stint.

He is currently fifth in the list of fastest batsmen to 2000 runs in ODI cricket. The English cricketer took just 47 innings to reach the landmark. Trott, unfortunately, ended his career very early due to personal reasons.

In his international career, Jonathan Trott has played 52 Tests and 68 ODIs, scoring 3835 and 2819 runs respectively. He has 13 centuries and 41 half-centuries to his name in his international career. 


#4 Babar Azam (45 Innings)

Babar Azam Made Fastest 3000 Runs in ODIs

Ever since Babar Azam made his debut in international cricket, he has only climbed higher up the ladder. Babar Azam has impressed one and all with his stroke play and consistent run-scoring. Babar Azam, today, has become the skipper of Pakistan Cricket Team in all formats. He is currently the fourth highest to reach 2000 runs in ODIs. Babar Azam completed 2000 runs in ODIs in 45 innings. 

Babar Azam reached the landmark against Hong Kong in Dubai. Azam made his ODI debut on 31st of May in 2015. Eventually, it took him three years and 108 days to go past the 2000-run mark.


#3 Kevin Pietersen (45 Innings)

Kevin Pietersen Made Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

English batsman, Kevin Pietersen sits third in the list of fastest batsmen to reach 2000 runs in ODIs. Pietersen during his days was one guy pleasant to the eye. He had all the shots in the book and would become a nightmare for the opposition once gets going. 

He is the third-fastest to reach 2000 runs in ODIs. He recorded the feat while playing against West Indies at Bridgetown on 21st April 2017. It took him 45 innings to complete 2000 runs in ODIs. He made his ODI debut on 28th November 2004 and it took him two years and 144 days to reach the feat. 


#2 Zaheer Abbas (45 Innings)

Zaheer-Abbas Made Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

Zaheer Abbas took 45 innings to reach 2000 runs in ODI cricket. Zaheer Abbas is hailed as one of the best batsmen to have played for Pakistan. He completed 2000 runs in ODI cricket while playing against India on October 2nd in 1983. 

Zaheer Abbas, in his international cricket career, played 78 Tests and 62 ODIs, scoring 5062 and 2572 runs respectively. 


#1 Hashim Amla (40 Innings) 

Hashim_Amla Made Fastest 2000 Runs in ODI

Had he started playing for South Africa a little earlier, he would perhaps have broken a lot more records than he had. Amla cemented his position as one of the vital players for South Africa in both formats for a decade. 

After making a significant contribution in Tests, Amla was given an opportunity in Tests and he pounced on it with both hands. The South African cricketer made great returns in white-ball cricket. He is, in fact, the fastest to reach 2000 runs in One-Day Internationals. 

Hashim Amla took only 40 innings to complete 2000 runs in ODIs. It took him 2 years and 218 days to reach the landmark. 

In his illustrious career, he played 124 Tests and 181 Tests, scoring 9282 and 8113 runs respectively.