“Except Leo not a single player can win league on their own” reveals Sergio Aguero on Messi vs Haaland comment

Lionel Messi

After winning the FIFA World Cup 2022, Lionel Messi’s football career has come full circle, placing him in a league of his own.

Another achievement in Messi’s resume is leading his country to the Copa America 2021 championship.

He has a stellar club record for Barcelona and currently plays for Paris Saint-German.

Players like him come once in a generation as they defy odds and inspire next lot of footballers.

When it comes to modern football, only Messi has the capability of winning the league on his own, according to fellow Barcelona player and icon Sergio Aguero, who is also speaking about his accomplishments and his impact as a player.

Haaland will undoubtedly set more records in the future, he continued.

Haaland, a star player for Manchester City, has already scored 31 goals in 27 games for the team, which is comfortably ranked second in the standings.

“There is no player except Leo(Lionel Messi) who has the capability of winning the League title on his own. I know that City has an exceptional staff and they will fight till the end ” Aguero added.

In the short time since he began playing club football in England, he has already scored four hat tricks.

Ronaldo scored 36 goals, Messi scored 51 goals, and Haaland successfully achieved 155 goals at the age of 21. Despite┬ábeing hailed as the future of international football, Haaland’s native Norway was unable to make it to the recently finished FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

If they make it to the big tournament, Haaland and his crew are anticipated to perform amazing feats.