Esports Latest Updates: Worlds 2023 is all set to be played in Korea and its new format in detail

South Korea will host Worlds 2023, and the previous edition’s champion, Invictus Gaming, dominated the competition. This has been verified by Riot Games.

The upcoming headline event in 2023 will follow a new format, with 22 teams fighting against one another based on Play-In, Swiss, and Knockout stage-based competition.

To secure a place in the main event, each team must compete in the World Qualifying Series.

In the future, Riot Games will concentrate on adding more such locations.

Four teams from each double-elimination category will participate in the Play-Ins system that will be used for the main event.

Every team must win at least three games to move on to the knockout rounds, and any team that loses three games will be eliminated from the competition.

Eight teams will advance to the postseason.

The best-of-five format will be used for all teams competing in the playoff round. The final match, which decides who will win the main event, will be eagerly anticipated.

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