Esports Latest Updates : Retired Call of Duty Player Scump added new feather in his cap.


Esports is hailed as one of the world’s fastest-growing gaming ecosystems, offering numerous job opportunities to various people in a variety of fields, including players, content developers, support workers, psychologists, and many more.

Seth “Scump,” a retired call of duty player, has added another achievement to his résumé by surpassing concurrent 95k viewers.

On his Call of Duty official Twitch account, he often has 30k fewer viewers.

He recently announced his retirement from the professional circuit, and his first watch party broadcast, which drew 90k viewers for the second week of Major 2 Qualifiers, helped him accomplish this goal.

63k viewers have been added to the other COD official Twitch channel on average, according to his retrospective numbers.

Additionally, he received tokens of appreciation from various creatives, like Tim “The Tatman,” who generously gave 100 subs to the Scump channel.

By collecting 6.7 thousand subscribers, he set a new record and earned a staggering $16.8 thousand every month.

The number of subscribers he acquired in the next month will determine whether the numbers increase overall.

One of the leading figures in the global Call of Duty community, Seth has had a successful post-retirement career.

Some of the fans responded to the top CDL player and his subsequent videos on Twitter.

Despite being one of the most well-known video games in the world, Call of Duty Mobile’s interface makes it challenging to convey perspective.