‘Don’t think it’s quite right’-England speedster Stuart Broad demands a change in World Test Championship grading system


The inaugural edition of the World Test Championship is all set to take place on 18th June 2021 at Ageas Bowl in Southampton where India and New Zealand will compete against each other for the title.

ICC World Test Championship

Both teams rightly deserve a spot in the WTC final where New Zealand won almost all the series they played at their home.

On the other end, Men in Blue had to take a long ride to cement their place in the final, and in the process, they went on to beat Australia twice in their backyard and beating England by 3-1 in a four-match home series.

England speedster Stuart Broad feels that the concept of the World Test Championship is good but he wants some tweaking in the grading system.

He added that the points earned after winning every series should remain the same throughout the complete cycle of WTC rather than changing it midway.

“The World Test Championship is a really good concept, I just don’t think it’s quite right yet. It’s a first-time effort. I can’t quite work out how a five-match Ashes series can be worth the same as India playing Bangladesh for two Tests,” Broad was quoted as saying by Circle of Cricket.

“There’s something in the idea and it has given great context to the game, but there needs to be work done on how it all comes together, I think,” the 34-year-old added.

India and New Zealand are certainly the top teams when it comes to red-ball cricket at the moment but the team who will adjust better and succumb to pressure in the crunch moments in the game will emerge as the winner of WTC.