Denver Nuggets’ players advised to not take the COVID-19 tests despite possible exposure


The Denver Nuggets are the latest NBA team that could be affected by the Coronavirus in the league this season. While many are already anxious about their condition, the recommended course of action that they ought to take is totally different from what the opposite teams who were in an exceedingly similar situation after they suspected that they were carrying the virus. 

As per the reports of Mike Singer of The Denver Post, health experts recommended to the Nuggets should stay isolated for a minimum period of two weeks so that they can prevent the virus from spreading to vulnerable people within the Mile High City.

denver nuggets players

Apparently, Denver Nuggets were one of the last teams to play against the Utah Jazz before the season was suspended on immediate notice. So it is obvious and they might be carrying that virus. In fact, Nuggets star Nikola Jokic is most likely a carrier as he played against Rudy Gobert during the extended minutes of that game. 

The virus is transmitted through prolonged contact with the person who is the carrier of the symptoms. So the health officials have simply recommended the players to isolate themselves from friends and loved ones. 

However, it’s also likely that this course of action was taken following the backlash that they got from people within the league. The US is very in need of COVID-19 testing kits, and folks who need those tests aren’t getting those tests. People on social media are throwing flak at the league for the exclusivity of the tests. Whatever the reason is for this recommendation, this may stem from the spread of the disease. Fans are yet another time reminded to remain isolated and not visit huge gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.