List of Cricketers who have been banned for using drugs

Shane Warne

cricketers banned for the intake of drugs:- Over the years, the sports world has witnessed numerous cases of doping where an athlete has been banned or suspended for the intake of any prohibited drug or steroid which can be used to enhance their performance in the field. A specific punishment is there on record for all such athletes and they may also face a life term ban if found to be under the impact of any such drug.

Even in the cricket world, we have the WADA (World anti-doping agency) who is there to keep a checked on all such issues and in the past few decades, they have put a number of players under scrutiny for the intake of banned drugs and substances, intentionally or unintentionally. While we are talking about the same, let’s take a look, at the

cricketers who have been banned for the intake of drugs:

Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)

Shoaib Akhtar can undoubtedly be quoted as one of the best fast bowlers in the cricket history and there was a time when even the best of the batsman used to be scared of his threatening pace and deadly Yorkers deliveries .if we talk about his records, he has scalped more than 400 wickets in his career in both Test matches and ODIs and dominated his opponents with raw pace and aggression.

Shoaib Akhtar

While everything was good with this magnificent Pakistani bowler in 2006, he has been banned for two years for the intake of banned substance named Nandrolone. Akhtar was all set to feature for the Pakistani team in the champions trophy but once he was tested positive for the banned substance, he was straightaway been banned by the ICC and PCB.

Although Akhtar said that he was on a high protein diet during that period which did include stuff like Beef, chicken and other protein supplements, his justification was denied by the authorities. He further quoted that he was innocent and this could be due to several supplements which he took from an “Hakim” in his known.

Shane Warne (Australia)

You can’t really expect the greatest leg spinner in the cricket history to feature in this list but Shane Warne does have this black spot in his career. The leggie who took 708 wickets in his Test career and 293 wickets in his ODI career has been listed in the category of all-time greats in the cricket history. Still, this magnificent player has also been fallen into a trap of random controversies during his career and one of those came right before the 2003 world cup.

Shane Warne cricketers banned for intake of drugs

He has been sent back from South Africa right before the start of the world cup campaign of the Australian team and although they still won the championship, Warne was highly criticized for this act. On the other side, the leggie stated that he has been given medicine for weight reduction by his grandma. Still, his justification wasn’t been found genuine enough and he has been banned from all types of cricket for the next 12 months and only came back in the year 2007 to join the Aussie team. Well, he later admitted to his fault and pledged to stay away from all such banned substances.

Pradeep Sangwan ( India)

Pradeep Sangwan gained the entire spotlight after his brilliant display with ball in the Under 19 World cup 2008 and one of his best performances in the tournament came against the team of South Africa where he scalped 5 wickets in the match. Later on, he went on to play for the Delhi Ranji team in the domestic circuit and also featured for the IPL team s of Delhi, Rajasthan, and Mumbai in the process.

Pradeep Sangwan

moreover, it was during the 2013 Ranji season when he has been tested positive for a banned substance named stanozolol and banned for 18 months from any type of cricket related activity in the cricket by BCCI. Lately, he himself admitted that he was given this substance by his gym trainer as a part of his fat loss diet. Though his justification didn’t hold any relevance, he didn’t get to feature for the Indian team due to his indulgence in that act.

Stephen Fleming ( New Zealand )

cricketers banned for the intake of drugs:- You cannot expect a name like Stephen Fleming to get into this list but yes, it’s true that even he was found guilty of using a banned substance during his cricket career. Fleming, who has often been quoted as the most successful kiwi captain, has amassed more than 15000 runs in his International career. Well, his case was not exactly similar to the ones we have mentioned in the list and his mistake was a unique one in the same regards.

Stephen Fleming

Fleming has been found guilty of smoking pot with his teammates Matthew Hart and Dion Nash and he did that just for the enjoyment purpose. This has been done in the Kiwi’s tour of West Indies in the year 1993 and the incident has been reported to the team management by Danny Morrison. Although Fleming didn’t get banned for a long period, he has been left out from the rest of the tour in the process and also lost his sponsorship from renowned brands.

Fleming has never ever been found indulged in such acts and this was something which came as a surprise for all the cricket fans. Moreover, an apology was later been released by the cricketer himself for disappointing all his fans and followers on social media.

Alex Hales ( England )

cricketers banned for the intake of drugs:- Alex Hales can be quoted as the latest victim of the doping controversy and his indulgence in the same has even cost him a place in England’s world cup squad. Hales has been phenomenal with the bat in the recent years and also grabbed the score of 171 runs against the Pakistani team on their recent tour.

Alex Hales cricketers banned for intake of drugs

It is quite recently when he has been tested positive for the intake of a banned substance which is a recreational drug. As a result, he has been handed over a ban of 21 days by the ECB and he has been kept under the scanner for the next few weeks for his acts.

Moreover, the English Captain Eoin Morgan has also admitted that Hales has been unable to convince the team management for his acts and this is the reason that the team has not to trust in his intentions and commitments in regards to all such acts. Further statements have come from Ashley Giles, who is the chief of ECA( English Cricketers association) that Only hales can be deemed responsible for his illicit acts and he has bitten his own chance of featuring for the English cricket in the most coveted event.

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