Cricket Australia’s CEO still taking huge salary despite firing 200 staffs

kevin roberts

Cricket Australia had recently fired 200 staff members considering the outcome of Coronavirus as they are facing economic problems and the decision was taken by its CEO Kevin Roberts.

kevin roberts

The organization recently furloughed more than 200 people on 20 percent pay until the end of June. Cricket Australia’s boss CEO Roberts still takes 80 percent of salary which is reported to be 1.2 billion.

As the report published in Syndey Herald stated that CA after furloughing 200 staff is saving around 3 million.

All the staff of CA (Cricket Australia) is taking 80 percent pay cut while CEO is taking 20 percent pay cut and still he will be managing 1 million out of 1.2 million that he used to get annually.

CA chief executive Roberts the reason why pay cut was enrolled as they thought if they will not take this decision they will run out of money at the end of August and based on the pay cut the board is still securing 50 million.

While Roberts himself is still earning 80 percent of his salary and receiving 1 million salaries annually.

CA is staring at losing a staggering 300 million Australian dollars in the wake of the pandemic and India’s tour of December- January will add some sort of relief in their finances.

However, that tour is still in doubt that whether it will happen or not consider the outbreak of this pandemic it will be difficult to keep the match under these conditions.

Former Australian player who is the president of the Australian Cricketers Association Board will hold a meeting to discuss all aspects of business effectively and efficiently.