Aaron Finch, David Warner pose questions on Australia’s preparations to curb COVID-19

The threat of coronavirus is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. Many events are getting either getting cancelled or postponed due to the strict guidelines issued by the states that are not allowing any kind of large gatherings to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Last week, the first One-Day International game between Australia and New Zealand was played in front of an empty Sydney stadium as they did not put the tickets of the game on sale.

The only sounds that people heard on TV were of the players when they were cheering each other. Many countries have gone into lockdown so that they can stop the disease to the minimum.

Seeing the condition of the whole world due to the virus, many Australian players are now asking the authorities if they are ready to fight the disease or do they have enough tools to not let most of their people come under the threat of the COVID-19.

Due to the threat, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, announced last week that the country will take proper steps to ensure the disease does not spread widely and noted that the country will screen every international passenger and will impose a 14-day self-isolation on them.

But many people had some doubts over that particular step. An Australian journalist named Veronica Eggleston posed some question marks on that decision by asking a valid question to the PM.

Taking it to Twitter, the journalist asked the Prime Minister that how would the government get to know that those people are in isolation or they are taking the liberty to travel.

The social media was lit as soon as the question arrived. Two of Australia’s biggest cricketers, Aaron Finch and David Warner, seemed to echo the same sentiment.


The Aussie skipper quoted the journalist’s tweet and wrote that he has been thinking of the same thing since the announcement was made.

His fellow teammate David Warner, also commented on his tweet and shared that the other thing to worry about are the taxis, buses or any mode of transport they take from the airport.

The concerns raised by all of them are quite valid as it can be transmitted if they come in contact with the person who is infected.

All the major cricket series have cancelled. As of now, more than 4300 people have died because of the life-threatening disease.