Chicago Bulls Basketball Team

Chicago Bulls Basketball Team

Chicago Bulls is one of the most popular teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) that is based in Chicago state. Chicago Bulls basketball team is a part of the Eastern Conference in the NBA that saw its popularity rising between 1991-1998 by winning six titles during those years. The team is mostly associated with the Greatest of All Time Michael Jordan who led the side to rule the NBA for almost a decade. The story of Chicago Bulls’ NBA conquests has been very ennobling. The record of six NBA Championships is the fourth-most in the Eastern Conference that came when Michael Jordan was playing for the side. In fact, the Chicago Bulls had the best phase in the 1990s, giving fond memories to any NBA fan, also getting the sport global fame.

Chicago Bulls Basketball Team

Here’s we take a look at the Chicago Bulls’ team history, Owners’ List, Team valuation, Team Rankings, Current and Alumni Rosters: 

Chicago Bulls Team History:

  • Chicago Bull team was formed in the year 1966 and one of the four NBA Franchise from Chicago.
  • Team Owner Dick Klein was the first and only founder of the Chicago Bulls to ever play professional basketball. 
  • Chicago Bulls team made its debut in the 1966-67 season and also set a record of qualifying for the playoffs in its inaugural season- the only team does so. 
  • The side was led by Bob Love, Chet Walker, Jerry Sloan, and Norm Van Lier who helped the side in qualifying for the playoffs between the 1969–70 and 1974–75 seasons.
  • Chicago Bulls purchased the rookie Michael Jordan in the year 1984 and the coming years saw them becoming the champions six-time between 1991-1998. 

Chicago Bulls Team Owners:

Owners  Years of Ownership
Dick Klein 1966-1972
  • Klutznick
  • Steinbrenner
  • Shorenstein
  • Estate of Wirtz
Jerry Michael Reinsdorf 1985-Current


  • Dick Klein was the very first owner of the Chicago Bulls Franchise who founded the team in 1966. He served as the President and General Manager of the side in the initial years after the team formation. 
  • In 1972, Estate of Wirtz acquired a portion of ownership of the Chicago Bulls from Dick Klein before taking over the full ownership of the Franchise in 1973 along with businessmen Lamar Hunt, George Steinbrenner, Walter Shorenstein, Jonathan Kovler, Lester Crown, Philip Klutznick.
  • The Bulls were owned and managed by a committee of Businessmen who made money from the ownership and branding. 
  • In 1985, a businessman named Jerry Michael Reinsdorf purchased a 56.8% stake of the franchise before taking 63% of the total ownership in 1986. He paid $16.2M for taking full ownership of the team at that time. 

Chicago Bulls Team Valuation:

The Chicago Bulls are the fourth-most valued franchises in the NBA. As of 2019, the Chicago Bulls team has been estimated to be valued at $3.2 billion which is fourth in the list after New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors. Since the Jordan era, the market value of the Bulls has been very high, followed by a surge in its brand value in the market. The Bulls have not been at their best forms in the last few seasons but thanks to the NBC Sports Chicago’s broadcast deal with the NBA for the 2019-20 season that boosted their revenue. As of February 2020, the Bulls made a staggering $301 Million revenue which is in itself a humongous amount and one of the highest in the league. 

Chicago Bulls Rankings:

  • Ever since the Michael Jordan era when Chicago Bulls was the most celebrated team in the whole of the NBA, Chicago Bulls have failed to win a single NBA championship.
  • It is true that Chicago Bulls ruled the NBA dynasty during the 90s era, always ranking at the top of the League standings and the Eastern Conference.
  • After the 1998’s abrupt end of Bulls’ Championship era, it was for the first time in 2007-2008 season that the side looked promising but then failed to qualify for the playoffs.
  • Bulls had a record of 33-49 and stood at 11th place in the Eastern Conference rankings. 
  • In 2008, the Bulls acquired the rookie Derrick Rose who turned out to be one of the few special talents for the franchise after in almost a decade time. During his stint Bulls resurged as one of the league’s best team in the coming years, finishing as the Eastern Conference toppers in 2010-2011 & 2011-12 seasons
  • The acquisition of Derrick Rose proved to be very instrumental for the Bulls who had a good run in the league after a decade post the Michael Jordan era. 
  • As of 2019-20 Regular season standings, Chicago Bulls rank 11th in the Eastern Conference. 

Chicago Bulls Players:

Current Rosters:

Player Jersey Height  Position
Ryan Arcidiacono 51 6 ft 3 in Guard
Wendell Carter Jr.  34 6 ft 9 in Center-Forward
Kris Dunn 32 6ft 3 in Guard
Cristiano Felicio 6 6 ft 10 in Forward-Center
Daniel Gafford  12 6 ft 10 in Forward-Center
Shaquille Harrison 3 6 ft 7 in Guard
Chandler Hutchison 15 6 ft 7 in Forward-Guard
Luke Kornet  2 7 ft 2 in Forward-Center
Zach LaVine 8 6 ft 6 in Guard-Forward
Lauri Markkanen 24 7 ft 0 in Forward-Center
Adam Mokoka  20 6 ft 5 in Guard
Otto Porter Jr.  22 6 ft 8 in Forward
Tomas Satoransky 31 6 ft 7 in Guard
Max Strus 28 6 ft 5 in Guard-Forward
Denzel Valentine 45 6 ft 4 in Guard
Coby White 0 6 ft 4 in Guard
Thaddeus Young 21 6 ft 8 in Forward


Notable Alumni Players:

Chicago Bulls has produced some of the most prominent players in the NBA history who have not just won the NBA Titles for the Franchise but also popularized the NBA all over the world. One such name is the legendary Michael Jordan as, under his stint, the Bulls went on to win six NBA championship between 1991-1998. He is considered as the Greatest Basketball Player on the planet. Here is the list of other Alumni Rosters who represented the Bulls and made them one of the best basketball teams in the NBA. 

  1. Michael Jordan (29,277 Points)
  2. Scottie Pippen (15,123 Points)
  3. Toni Kukoc (6148 Points)
  4. Luol Deng (10,286 Points)
  5. Jerry Sloan (10,233 Points) 
  6. Bob Love (12,623 Points)