Chess Live Updates : Gukesh outclassed Caruana in the ongoing edition of Tata Steel Chess Tournament


The current Tata Steel Chess Tournament is experiencing abrupt changes as players’ rankings shift from top to bottom.

Anish Giri, the Dutch Grand Master, is in excellent condition as seen by his comfortable placement at the second spot in the mega tournament.

Speaking of the most recent development, Fabiano Caruana defeated Giri to clinch the second slot.

At the recently finished Chess Olympiad, when Gukesh won 8/8 games by defeating Caruana, later in this ongoing edition of this mega event became victim of Caruana.

“The last two games I lost were in the Olympiad, to Abdusattorov and Gukesh, and I was responsible in large part from these games for the United States not doing very well, not medalling, and in this tournament I’m done with them. They can’t beat me anymore, at least in this tournament!” said Caruna while taking to Chess24. com

This round, Caruna extracted revenge on Gukesh by following with his natural 17. The game was meant to be an easy win for him, but that didn’t happen when his opponent(Gukesh) tried to call time at move 36. H4 was obviously looking forward the entire time.

He continued by telling, “I’m confident I’ll win since it wasn’t an easy game for me, and it will boost my confidence as a player.

R Praggananandha, Arjun Erigaisi, and Gukesh are among the three players in the Indian team, and they currently have 3.5, 3 and 1.5 points, respectively in the ongoing edition of Tata Steel Chess Tournament.