Brazil Superstar Neymar Jr’s house broke in by Gangsters to kidnap his wife and daughter

Brazil Superstar Neymar Jr's house broke in by Gangsters to kidnap his wife and daughter

Brazil and Al-Hilal forward Neymar faced a harrowing incident on Tuesday, November 7, when the residence of Bruna Biancardi, mother of his newborn daughter Maive, was targeted and burglarized by a criminal gang in Cotia, Sao Paulo.

Reportedly, the influencer’s parents were present during the robbery and were restrained but fortunately unharmed. According to the R7 newspaper, a suspect, already apprehended, facilitated the entry of other criminals, residing in the same condominium as the Biancardi family. Two armed suspects sought Bruna and Maive, Neymar’s daughter, who, fortunately, were not present during the intrusion.

Neighbours, sensing something amiss, alerted authorities, leading to the swift response of the Municipal Civil Guard (GCM). They surrounded the property, arresting one suspect, the condominium resident, while the others fled with high-end handbags, watches, and jewelry.

Notably, Neymar has not issued a statement on social media regarding the incident. His latest post, a photo with daughter Maive on Instagram stories, coincided with the invasion of Biancardi’s home in the early hours of Tuesday.

The influencer has also refrained from commenting on the unsettling event. The incident underscores the vulnerability of high-profile individuals even in supposedly secure environments. Neymar’s fans await any update or response from the football star regarding the distressing episode.

The Brazil sensation is currently out of action after sustaining an injury during a FIFA World cup 2026 qualifiers against Uruguay last month during the International break. After thorough scans, it was revealed that he will be out for at least 10 months given the seriousness of his injury.

With him missing a considerable time out of all footballing action, Al-Hilal fans and management will be frustrated with the news. The Saudi out splashed 90 millions to PSG for the Brazilian but it has already turned out to be a nightmare for all parties involved.

Now it remains to be seen how will Neymar come out of this slump he is facing at the age of 31.