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Best Volleyball Movies

Volleyball Movies a Volleyball Player Must Watch

Best Volleyball Movies: Sports teach us the value of team spirit, self-belief, taking failure as another stepping stone towards victory, always giving yourself a second chance to prove, and holding yourself accountable instead of blaming others and pushing your limits. Sports tell success is enjoying the journey, not a destination.

It is the essence of life. Sports teach us to go with the flow and keep moving because life will never be fair and always throw unexpected challenges. Failures evolve us as human beings and upgrade our survival instincts.

The question arises, ok, we get it and will include sports in the routine, but which one to play? I am not surrounded by youngsters or professional players. Try Volleyball. It is a great sport enjoyed by all age groups of different skill levels. The sport can be played indoors and outdoors and has various health benefits too. It is an engaging, exciting, and on-touch sport. The game never ends on a tie.

5 Great Volleyball Movies of All Time

A lot of technical aspects aren’t involved in the sport and are to play and watch. Still have no inkling about Volleyball and need some inspiration to play the sport and encourage others. Here is the list of the top 5 motivational Volleyball movies of all time. Watch and let the adrenaline rush burst your boredom and laziness.

#1 The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season

The movie is based on the inspiring true story of the West High School Volleyball team, the tragic loss, struggle, and finally defeating inner demons and coming out with high flying colors, solving the riddle of the heart.

The plot of the story is around the death of Caroline “Line” the star player of the City west High school volleyball team and was a key player in winning the upcoming championship, but everything changed after her tragic death. The line was killed in a moped accident, keeping the community devastated.

The story is about how the team managed to regroup and lift themselves after the tragic loss and win the state championship under the guidance of their “salt and pepper” type coach, who motivated the entire team to win in the honor of Caroline “Line”.

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#2 The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies is a film based on a true story of a Thai male volleyball team that participated in the 1996 championship. The interesting part was that the team consisted of gays, transsexuals, and transvestites.

The story develops around the two characters Mon and Jung, the two transvestites, who were always sidelined by the volleyball coach due to their gender, but everything coached after the entry of the new coach. He decided to include them in the team leading to chaos in the team. After the decision all the senior players resigned, leaving the coach in complete disarray.

The latter part is about how Mon and Jung helped the coach in bringing other transsexuals and gays into forming a new team and eventually winning the championship indirectly slapping the gender cognoscente. It is a must-watch.

#3 The Iron Ladies 2

The Iron Ladies 2


The Iron Ladies 2 is the next installment of the movie franchise the Iron ladies. The story is about the gay volleyball team, their road to success, earning accolades, and having a hard time handling the sudden success and fame.

The story is about how the creative differences separated them and finally reunited after the split and setting a perfect example of team spirit and the lesson of forgetting and forgiving. United we stand, divided we fall. The important message is that sport is above caste, creed, color, sex, and religion.

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#4 All You’ve Got

All You’ve Got

The story is about a rivalry between two volleyball teams (the Phantoms and the Madonna’s) creating massive headlines like “Clash of the Titans” when they collide. How the two female volleyball teams wipe out their differences and learn the art of sportsmanship.

The movie teaches us how to never get stuck and be responsive to changes to become the strongest and flawless. It teaches us to focus on the goal, putting personal interests and differences aside, and learn the importance of determination, hard work, and persistence required to reach the mammoth goal.

Life is about getting, what you least expected and life asks “This is all you’ve got”.

#5 Side Out

Side Out

The story is about a man, who moves to California to pursue his law career. The guy is confused about life and spends a big time on the beach chasing the hot girls. One day his sleep luck awakes and he meets an ex-king of the beach, who encourages him to participate in volleyball competition.

Both Zack “the king of the beach” and Monroe together decide to chase their dreams. Zack being the pro teaches Monroe all the tricks of the trait, playing the role of a mentor. Monroe and Zack together finally win the championship and never looked back since then. Sports enthusiasts called it “The Magnum Opus”.

If you are derailed, scattered, and need a mission in life, play volleyball. It releases hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin responsible for motivation, leadership, and pain-bearing capacity.

You will come out of stress and longtime depression after playing for a while. The sport is extremely famous among women giving a tinge of glamour along with a love for the game. As the phrase goes, Volleyball was Invented by men, and perfected by women. To play the game, be the game.

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