Best Inspirational Volleyball Quotes & Sayings | Quotes for Volleyball

Best Volleyball Quotes

Inspirational Volleyball Quotes

Best Inspirational Volleyball Quotes & Sayings : Volleyball is a famous American sport invented in 1895 by William G Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It is a team sport played by two teams each having six players. The main objective of the game is to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent team’s court while the opponent team tries its best so that the ball doesn’t hit the ground. The game of volleyball was basically invented for businessman as an indoor sport, volleyball can also be considered as a new form of basketball ball. “Mintonette” was the name originally given to the game, but later the name was changed, noting the volleying nature of the game.

Here we are providing you the some of the best Inspirational and motivational Quotes for Volleyball
by the greatest players.

Best Inspirational Volleyball Quotes | Quotes for Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most interactive games going. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation – but most of all, of reciprocity – of teamwork. There is no way to free-lance in volleyball.
-Marv Dunphy

Volleyball anchored me at a time in my life when I needed it. It gave me a reason for being this big, big girl.
-Gabrielle Reece

Best Inspirational Volleyball Quotes & Sayings | Quotes for Volleyball

Volleyball is not just a sport, it’s a way to express your anger without hurting someone.

Volleyball: Invented by men, perfected by women

Volleyball: It’s in your heart; or it’s in your face.

My coach tells me to give about 75% to volleyball. If I give 100%, my serve will kill someone, and my coach doesn’t want to deal with the paperwork.

Be a leader. A setter should be high energy. It’s important that you learn how to give positive, constructive criticism. It’s crucial that you make your teammates feel comfortable. You should never be the most silent player in the gym.
-Lindsey Berg

There is pressure on every play. You can’t make a mistake, but that also means your opponent can’t make a mistake. It makes the matches more exciting to watch.
-Holly McPeak

I got the nickname Spitfire for a reason. I burned inside to play volleyball. I loved the competition of it.
-Summer Altice

Volleyball is the sport through which I am able to express my God-given talents of being an athlete. It is a sport which involves relating, pushing, and encouraging your teammates.
-David Beard

The beach game taught me great lessons about how to elevate the play of my teammate, or teammates, and how to anticipate and expect the ball so much more than the indoor game ever could. It taught me – even forced me – to be a much better-all-around player.
-Karch Kiraly

Anyone serious about playing indoor, you should play outdoor.
-Sean Scott

It was unbelievable. It was so great to work like that and be able to pull it out at the very end. We played so well together, helping each other out at just the right time. We never gave up and it all worked out better than we could have hoped for against such great opposition. We were in one of the toughest matches I’ve ever played.
-Sarrah Stratton

Volleyball is my life, everything else is just details.

Actions speak louder than coaches

Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become, and the hours of practice, and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her.
-Mia Hamm

About Volleyball Game

Volleyball Quotes: Volleyball has been part of the summer Olympics since 1964. The first nationwide tournament was played in the USA and was conducted by the YMCA physical education committee in New York City in 1922. The women’s division of the game was started in 1949. The game was introduced to t rest of the world in the 1900s during World War I by the American troops. The Asian form of volleyball game is quite different from the American form of the game, they had larger court and their nets were lower and around nine players played in each team.

The game begins when a player of one team serves the ball from behind the back boundary line of the court, over the net into the opponent team’s court. Each team can touch the ball up to 3 times when the ball is in their part, but the ball cannot be touched by the same player twice.

Volleyball is played on a 9 meter wide and 18-meter long court. The court is divided into two parts by a centre line giving each team their own area to play. In the centre there is a net of 2.4-meter height for men and about 2.2 meters for women. The rules of the game are quite simple, we can contact the ball with any part of the body, but it is illegal to catch, hold or throw the ball. The matches are made up of sets, and the team who first wins the three sets is considered as the winner.


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