Best Cricket Bats: Heavy & Lightest Types of Cricket Bat

types of cricket bat

Types of Cricket Bats

Some weapons of field destruction have made a name for themselves for they have all the elements a batsman looks for. What makes a bat match ready is its features like natural finish, number of grains, quality, size, shape, pick up, toe guard and handle. Let’s take a look at best Cricket bats in the World which have all the mentioned feature.

Here is the list of top 10 types of cricket bat in the world.


#1 SS TON Reserve Edition Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bats in The World

The SS TON reserve Edition has an English willow. SS uses the best technique to process willow which provides the best durability and optimum performance. Its thick edges and curved blade makes it an incredibly high-end cricket bat. It is shaped and styled to offer maximum stability while playing shots. With 40mm edge and flat face, the bat has 9-12 straight gains.

It weighs between 1180 and 1250 grams which is an ideal weight and in this weight range, the player will get maximum side edge, maximum wood behind the sweet spot and extra power on shots. Its 12 piece cane handle is rigid and durable enough to sustain the high impact caused by ball hit and transfers the maximum energy to cricket ball.

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#2 Bradbury HC450 Exception Cricket Bat

Bradbury HC450 Exception Cricket Bat

The Bradbury HC450 is a powerful bat with a slightly standard middle. It provides a great balance to players with a high spine and thick shoulders. This bat does not come in lighter weights as it is not suitable for the diminutive player and weighs 2 kgs.

This Bradbury bat has been developed in consultation with Australian cricketer Hilton Cartwright. It has a thicker shoulder, thinner handle, and full-bodied profile behind the generous sweet spot. Its shape supports a full range of shots and offers high returns for those that take their cricket seriously. It has a rounded face with high-performance pressing.

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#3 Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat

Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat

Made with Premium Grade 2 English Willow, this bat comes with a premium 12 piece cane handle and a semi-oval grip as is the desired grip of most cricket players these days. It has an amazing profile with a 2mm flat face camber and is absolutely brilliantly weighted and balanced. It weighs 2.8 to 2.10 kgs but the handcrafting brilliance of the bat makes it pick up a lot lighter.

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#4 CA Plus 15000 Player Edition 7 Star Cricket Bat

CA Plus bat is prepared from super Best English Willow and fits particular requirements of international players. It offers awesome power condensed in a striking area with an enormous sweet spot. With 10+ straight grains and minimum 40mm edges, this bat provides ultimate balance and superb performance. It weighs between 900gms to 1kg and comes with a toe guard.

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#5 MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat Virat Kohli

MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat Virat Kohli

For making this bat, MRF Genius Grand Edition uses handpicked lightweight grade A English willow which is compressed naturally and gives perfect grain structures and results in best bats in the world. The willow is so good that a batsman can use its maximum power easily to hit the ball. This is Virat Kohli’s most preferred bat. The no. of grains found on this bat is between 8 to 12.

MRF uses special technology to produce this bat and is totally hand made with the latest equipment. The player can perform master blaster performance by using this bat. Sweet spot and the weight is highly maintained for longer and better life. Its weight differs between 1180gms to 1250gms which is the standard size for a professional cricket bat. It is designed with the latest technology of f7 massive countered edges. Its edges vary under 38mm to 40mm which is also a standard size of a professional cricket bat.

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#6 New Balance BURN Cricket Bat

New Balance BURN Cricket Bat

New Balance BURN Cricket Bat is made from the best available 2nd grade English willow. It comes with an incredible construction for enhancing the skills. The bat has a mid-profile with classic style concave spine which provides stability across the hitting zone. It also has a flat face with slight curvature which provides a more even distribution across the face of the bat for accurate shot-making.

A slight bow generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power. The bat is slightly squared which is designed to increase the hitting surface area. With a new profile combined with even bigger edges from shoulder to toe, power is focused precisely where it’s needed for maximum effect.


#7 Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat

The Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Bat is an absolute monster – a giant profile with minimal sculpting, for players looking beyond the boundary. With a thickness of 64-68mm, the bat weighs almost 1 kg and has a flat power face to take on those large boundaries with great confidence and ammunition. It is made of grade 1 unbleached English willow and is suitable for players who prefer lighter bats.


#8 SF Platinum Cricket Bat

SF Platinum Bat

Handcrafted from naturally air dried Grade 1-2 select quality English willow, the SF Platinum Cricket Bat is pressed to perfection using SF’s latest Compression Technology which gives the feature of the best bat in the world. The bat provides great balance and picks up with thick edges.

Lightweight design with contoured edges has an all-around shape. The bat’s 12 piece cane handle provides an outstanding feel, flex, control, and absolute jerk-free performance. It weighs from 1180 to 1250 gm with 5-7 straight grains. Many international players like Dwayne Bravo (West Indies), Dwayne Smith (West Indies), Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) and Tillakaratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka).

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#9 BAS Exploder Cricket Bat

BAS Exploder Cricket Bat

Hand made from Grade A English Willow. BAS Exploder Cricket Bat has a short handle with 9 piece cane for absolute jerk free performance. It provides increased stroke play with lightweight design. It comes with a toe protector for better durability and to maintain the moisture level. It weighs between 1180 to 1250 gms and has 7-9 straight grains.


#10 Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Legend Bat

 The bat lives up to its title – Legend. Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat is designed to bring together aesthetic beauty and un-compromised performance which also made this the best bat in the world and Made with the highest quality of English willow, the bat features perfect looking wood and multiple clean grains.

The bat has a handcrafted blade with its concaved profile and mid swell which makes for a well-balanced bat with the lightest of pick-ups. Amid sweet spot, the position gives performance both straight and square of the wicket while allowing players to be confident with a range of shots. The edges have a thickness of 40mm and the bat has a semi-oval handle. This semi-oval shape aids alignment slightly weakens the bottom hand for more controlled stroke play and still allows for creative use of the bottom hand.

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