Forgotten Mongoose Bat in Cricket

Mongoose bat

The Long and Short of the Mongoose bat:-

The Mongoose bat could not have had a greater representation than Matthew Hayden. When Matthew Hayden walked out to bat in the 2010 version of the IPL next Delhi Daredevils, the star batsman’s entrance obtained more excitement than usual, for the public were not just excited to see his bullets, but also the material he used to hit those tough-hitting shots – the Mongoose Bat – the bat many thought would revolutionize the game.

What Hayden select as his defense was MMi3, a shorter, deadlier report of the Mongoose. Stuart Law, the recent Australian test member, called the snazzy, new T20 bat “a half-brick-on-a-stick”.

Mongoose bat

There were several other fans of the bat, including the Bangladeshi cricketer Mohammad Ashraful, who expressed its majestic hitting powers thus, “Almost the complete blade of the bat is the sweet spot. So, all you want to do is to connect, and the ball really flies.”

Gareth Andrew, the Worcestershire all-rounder, secured his maiden 100 in professional cricket with an MMi3 bat at Oval in 2010, securing 100 off 58 balls upon Surrey.

Although it was Hayden himself who bestowed the most excellent use of the bat in Chennai’s match against Delhi Daredevils, cracking 93 of 43 balls.

What is this Mongoose?

The Mongoose bat arises with a long handle and a short, bottom-heavy razor, tailor-made for the smallest format. Created and manufactured by the British company Mongoose, this was one of the changes that followed the inception of cricket’s shortest form, the T20.

Its handle is 43 percent long-drawn, and the razor is one-third the volume of regular blades, thus providing for maximum attack with minimum force.

The producers of the bat claim that the bats have two prime advantages over anything other in the market – faster bat velocity and bigger winning spots. Inspired by Marcus Trescothick, the ToRQ’s different Mongoose Technology decreases the length of the splice to improves the hitting area and give the greatest, the most sizzling sweet spot in cricket, improving it by a whopping 120 percent.

The long-drawn handle and short blade allow improved leverage which makes the bat quicker and simpler to maneuver, allowing the batsman to make his discharge selection at the last conceivable moment, or change it in a split second.

Learn when Matthew Hayden drove to the Cricket pitch with a strange looking bat in his hand during Indian Premier League (IPL) 2010? ” I bet that was the second that most of us were giving comment as to why his bat is just so ridiculous “. That is when the Mongoose bat got into the spotlight.

The bat, usually known as the Mongoose bat, is an updated version of a bat that was specifically created for the T20 format of Cricket. Formerly known as the Newbery Uzi, this product of the bat was taken up by Mongoose and later started with the name MMi3. The bat could change even mis-hits into boundaries.

A crucial chink in Mongoose’s armor:-

In a form where entertainment is king, this bat created especially for hitting was certain to be a hit. But the innovative bat had it is the share of difficulties. The central chink in the armor was, in case, the USP of the bat itself – the bat was intended for big hitting only.

The bat is not intended for defense, and the batsman has to be very solid to hit with the bottom half of the blade for the singles – not every batsman is enough trying to hit the ball out of the place from the very first ball itself.

Hayden’s CSK teammate and Indian batsman Suresh Raina was not very surprised by the Mongoose. Talking to IANS, he said, “It is good for big hitting but certainly not for keeping. That is the reason I returned back to the regular bat.”

Many authorities felt that it would take a lot of experience to get conventional to the changed size and bat speed. Added the point that it was virtually unthinkable to use this bat in Tests or even ODIs, the bat got few takers on the world front.

This is the purpose why the invention that produced much ado in 2010, disappeared without sound in merely a year or two. It is brand representative Matthew Hayden did not play an IPL after that year, and the bat did not find other volunteers like to experiment.

Today, the Mongoose bat has nearly entirely disappeared from the cricket scene, but for the brief time it was wielded by the big batsmen, the bat certainly did provide a lot of enjoyment.

What’s so unique about the Mongoose bat?

The Mongoose bat is not like the traditional cricket bat. The blade is 33% sharper than a normal cricket bat and the handle is 43% longer. The nature of this bat provides you more power to hold which serves you hit full-on attacking shots rather of playing defense, which preferably suits the character of the T20 format. This bat was exposed by Matthew Hayden in IPL 2010 where he played the whole season with this bat.

kieron pollard with Mongoose bat

This bat took several critical comments from former cricket stars with former Australian Test Player, Stuart Law demanding it to be a “half-brick-on-a-stick”. But this was well supported by modern cricketers like MS Dhoni who thought that Hayden can make his magic act irrespective of the kind of the bat he has used.

Why Mongoose bat is not the one to watch out for?

Although the Mongoose bat was created specifically for the attack, it did not favor several of the players. T20 is not always about the offense. With advancements in the sport, various methods are being used by the bowlers to trap the batsmen. In such a case, the defense is of absolute requirement and with the value of Mongoose bat, it turns out to be a sour outing as the bat does not favor a frustrating game.

Players like Suresh Raina, though they began trying out the Mongoose bat in IPL 2010, didn’t find much benefit and had to resort back to the traditional bat which presented them with opportunities to play various other shots.

The Mongoose bat might have been short-lived, but it certainly did garner great attention when it was in fashion that even today people remember the awesomeness of the magic bat.

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