BCCI To Book Business Class Tickets For Top Performers

Mohammed Shami domestic

Generally in a team environment, you want all the players to be treated the same because different treatment to different players might lead to conflict and ego-clash among the team members.

But, BCCI has now come up with a rule which grants special treatment to the top performers of the side in terms of the booking of the air tickets. While, the rest of the team will travel in the economy class, the best performer of the game would travel in the business class.

It’s hard for the BCCI to book business class tickets for the entire team because there are not too many business class tickets available on a flight and they are also pre-booked. So, rather than looking to book the business class for the entire team, the board has decided to book it for the top performers.

Mohammed Shami, who got a 5-fer in the first test match in Vishakhapatnam, got to enjoy the business class on his way to Pune where the second test match was scheduled, while the rest of the team was in the economy class on the journey.

“The entire team can’t get seats in business class. Those seats are few in number. So the team management decided to reward business class seats for performers. After the Vizag Test, Shami was given a business class seat.” A BCCI source was quoted saying by the Indian Express.

Another decision that BCCI has made is with regards to the premium suites in the hotels. So far, it’s only the captain of the side and the head coach who used to have the luxury of the premium suites in the hotels where the team was staying. But, now the premium suites will be available for the vice-captain as well.

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