“Virat Kohli is a Better Captain Than MS Dhoni & Sourav Ganguly”: Gautam Gambhir

Criticizing Virat Kohli is a part of Gambhir’s daily routine, missing a day without criticism can lead to Gambhir stomach upset. Only once in a blue moon, Gambhir is seen flowering praises on Kohli achievements and milestones as a player and captain.

One such day was Sunday when Gambhir open-heartedly praised Kohli for his gutsy style of captaincy after Kohli registered his 11 test series win after defeating South Africa in the second test. When the entire cricket globe was lauding Kohli achievements as a captain, Gambhir too joined the bandwagon and lauded Kohli for his fearless approach that transformed India into a predator at overseas.

Gambhir explained that what set Kohli apart from his predecessors MS Dhoni and Sourav Ganguly is his zeal of not being scared of defeats and taking crucial risks that previous captains couldn’t take.

He also revealed the secret behind Virat Kohli success as a captain overseas. He credited Kohli for backing the young talent and playing 5 fast bowlers and Hardik Pandya as an all-rounder in the team.

“If you are scared of losing, you will never win and probably that’s the biggest plus he has, he isn’t scared of losing. We talk about Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni, but what Virat has created, India has started winning overseas as well,” said Gambhir in the post-match show.

“He’s taken that risk, which a lot of other captains have not been able to take. The others always wanted an extra batter so that they don’t lose the Test match. Whereas, Virat is the only captain who has gone abroad and played with five bowlers, with Hardik Pandya being an all-rounder,” the former Indian cricketer concluded after India series win against South Africa.


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