BCCI president Sourav Ganguly likely to be discharged from hospital on January 6th 2021

Sourav Ganguly likely to be discharged from hospital

Current BCCI president and former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly will be discharged from the hospital on January 6th 2021. He was admitted in Woodlands hospital after suffering from mild cardiac arrest on Saturday. As per the media reports BCCI president underwent angioplasty on January 2nd 2021 after doctors found blockages in his three coronary arteries.

Sourav Ganguly likely to be discharged from hospital

He is constanly under supervision of nine team of doctors who reached a consensus that another angioplasty will be done on a later date.

The meeting was conducted on Monday regarding his health was attended by renowned heart experts Dr Devi Shetty and Dr RK Panda via a virtual platform while another expert from US was involved in the discussion over the phone. Also family members of former Indian captain also attended the virtual meeting.

“The medical board came to a consensus that deferring angioplasty for now is a safer option as Mr Ganguly is stable, does not have chest pain and is on optimal management. The angioplasty will take place for sure in a few days or weeks. He will be discharged most probably the day after tomorrow.

Treating doctors will keep a constant vigil on his health condition and take appropriate measures at his home after he is discharged,” Woodlands Hospital MD and CEO Dr Rupali Basu said as quoted by NDTV.

He further added that Ganguly will be discharged soon and further resume his duties “Dada is a hero of the country. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in cricket and defeated his opponents numerous times. He will do the same this time. Sourav was smiling when I met him today.

“He appeared fine and I know he will be back to his normal life soon and will play an important role in taking Indian cricket to the next level. He has to play a very vital role, first in the BCCI and then in several other fields for the country,” Thakur added.

Ganguly is credited for bringing revolution in Indian cricket as he instilled belief in all players as leader to win overseas and the mindset of Indian players changed to a great extent when he took over the Captaincy in 2000.