BCCI not happy with the ‘don’t come’ statement from Queensland Health Minister and thinking to cancel the last match of the Tour

The ongoing Test series between India and Australia continues to hog the limelight for all wrong reasons as the recent statement from Queensland Health Minister Rose Bates where she said “Don’t come to Indian team if they don’t want follow the quarantine protocols ahead of playing fourth Test match in Brisbane” has left Indian fans and World Richest cricket board disappointed. According to BCCI officials the team has been shown in poor light despite cooperating with Cricket Australia in the ongoing tour.

Her statement came after team India refused to stay in quarantine ahead of playing the fourth Test match in Brisbane. Rather than Indian cricket board is thinking to trim four match Test series into three by not playing in Brisbane. The BCCI official while taking to media said that the comments from Minister is extremely hurtful  and added that If team India didn’t want to serve quarantine at first place then Rohit Sharma wouldn’t have served 14 day mandatory quarantine protocol.

The official added that the tone of the minister is harsh and they are considering that whether they should play last Test match or not.

“The statement made by the public representative portrays Indians in poor light and let me assure you, we do not want to do anything other than to abide by the rules, and Rohit Sharma’s strict quarantine is a case in point.

“To try and propagate a view that we don’t wish to follow the rules is unacceptable and the tone and tenor, in which it was said seemed rife with hostility and bordered on racism. It is, therefore, not a surprise that a rethink is on the cards. If a representative of the public does not want us there, it is hurtful and the last thing we want is to upset the Australian fans who have given us so much love and support over the years.

“We do not wish to make it difficult for them or for Cricket Australia,” the official said according to the Times of India.

The ongoing test series between host and visitors are currently poised at 1-1 where the third match of the series will be played on January 7th 2021 in Sydney.