“BCCI is the strongest board but we are not ….” Pakistan Star Player Shahid Afridi reveals shocking facts about Indo-Pak Cricket Relation

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, a former top player for Pakistan who is renowned for his candour, recently voiced his opinion on the cricketing ties between India and Pakistan.

He was speaking to ANI when a query about the BCCI not sending Indian athletes to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 was posed.

Afridi replied, “BCCI should resolve all cricket-related disputes between these two nations as PCB wants to send their national team to India but Indian government doesn’t allow Men in Blue to travel Pakistan, which is unfortunate as we always want to talk but the communication should be double sided instead of one direction.”

He also talked about BCCI being the strongest board doesn’t reciprocate the love from our board as the former being the more powerful should take more responsibility to improve cricketing ties between the two countries.

There have been constant talks between these two cricketing boards, no possible outcome have been find out as based on the report in different media outlets, BCCI is not in mood to send their national team to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023 instead they want to play at the neutral venue due to security reasons as India will be playing all their games in UAE.

While Pakistan will be hosting other countries in their own backyard and if India manages to qualify for the final than the final match will be played in UAE conditions.

PCB President Najam Sethi, have openely stated in their different media outlets, “If India doesn’t travel to Pakistan then we are very clear in our instance we will also not travel Pakistan”.

Recently Shoaib Akhtar was asked the same question to which he said “I seriously don’t understand why few people from India keep on giving useless statement, if government from both sides allow their players then in that case BCCI and PCB can’t do anything”.