All You Need to Know About the on-air Spat Between Harsha Bhogle and Sanjay Manjrekar

While India won their first-ever pink-ball Test in an easy fashion, most of the headlines that followed the game were from off the field. An on-air conversation between commentators Harsha Bhogle and Sanjay Manjrekar grabbed most of the headlines, while the efforts of the Indian fast bowlers took a backseat.

On Day 3 of the game, the play ended within an hour as Bangladesh’s lower-middle order collapsed within minutes. Consequently, India won their maiden pink-ball Test by an innings and 46 runs and in the process, also whitewashed the visitors 2-0 in the Test series.

During the match, former cricketer turned commentator Manjrekar got involved in an on-air spat with acclaimed commentator and writer Harsha Bhogle when the latter suggested that cricketers’ perspectives regarding the visibility of the pink ball should be taken into account.

Bhogle made the suggestion after some of the Bangladeshi batsmen struggling to view the ball and having hit their helmets. Two Bangladeshi batsmen were substituted after being hit on the head. He suggested a “post-mortem” to find out why was it difficult for the visitors to spot the pink ball.

“Well there is a post-mortem done on this game and there should be a post mortem on this game. Visibility of that ball will be a big factor against the big white sight-screen,” Bhogle said.

Don’t think so. Because when you see the slip catchers the way they have taken catches, I don’t think visibility is an issue at all. The texture of the ball is the issue,” Manjrekar replied back.

However, Bhogle again insisted that the players’ views should be known. To this, Manjrekar said his own views should suffice since he has played cricket for quite a few years.

“You need to ask perhaps, for us, those who have played the game, we have a fair idea of what’s happening out there,” Manjrekar responded, to which Bhogle politely replied back,

“Having played cricket should never be a limitation or a ceiling to learning.”

Manjrekar’s comments didn’t go down well with fans, who perceived them as insulting. Many called Manjrekar arrogant and full of himself. It remains to be seen if the former cricketer issues a public apology to one of the most loved and respected voices in Indian Cricket.

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