All about Velocity Gaming we should know as fans of the game

Velocity Gaming is an Indian Esports organization formed in 2019 by Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap. 

Initially, they started their journey by foraying into games like Rainbow Six Siege later they ventured into a variety of other games which include- PUBG, Counter-Strike, etc. 

The organization helps fellow gamers immensely to pursue their gaming career by providing them with mobile phones, PC gaming, phones, GPUs, etc. 

Velocity Gaming
Velocity Gaming logo

They took inspiration from their successful mobile journey to foraying into the PC gaming space on July 27th, 2020 by signing teams like Vertigo. 

VALORANT: A Historic LAN event in the field of Esports

On December 24th 2020, they rebranded themselves to become Team Mahi(aka TM) and they again changed to Velocity Gaming (aka VLT) in the year 2021. 

Let’s talk about some important dates and achievements  related to Velocity Gaming in the tabular format below: 

Serial Number Important dates  Achievements 
1 July 27th 2020 Signs players like  Antitode, rite2race, Excali, Vibhor and Amaterasu
2 October 9th 2022 Heliff Jons 
3 December 24th 2020 They rebranded themselves as Team Mahi 
4 May 30th 2021 Team Mahi rebranded themselves as Velocity Gaming 
5 March 8th 2022 Sieh Joins as analyst 

Let’s have a look at the current player’s rosters of Velocity Gaming based on their date of joining in detail: 

Serial Number Player’s Name  Date of Joining 
1 Anuj Sharma (Amaterasu)  27-7-2020
2 Tejas Sawant(rite2ace)  27-7-2020
3 Sagnik Roy(Hellff)  9-10-2020
4 Mohit Wakle  15-06-2021
5 Debanjan Das   8-09-2021

Also let me share the other achievements of Velocity Gaming in detail: 

Date Place Tier Tournament Result  Prize
2022-05-08 1st  B-Tier TEC Challengers series 7 3:1 vs RNI  $5,171
2022-03-27 1st B-Tier VCC 2022: Stage 1 3: 2 vs Global  $15,000
2021-12-13 1st B- Tier The Esports Club Gauntlet- Season 3 3: 1 vs XO $6,564
2021-12-10 1st  B-Tier Esportz Premier series  3: 2 vs Enigma Gaming  $6,564
2021-11-02 1st  B-Tier Amazon Great India Festival Championship  3: 1 vs Enigma Gaming  $6,571

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