7 Players which Manchester United must Target during January Transfer Window

Alex Sandro

Seems like Nothing is going right for Jose Mourinho and his men’s in the English premier league and their current placing at the 8th spot in the table has certainly made millions of United’s fans furious about their manager. Even though Manchester united did perform in bits and pieces recently and their wins against the likes of Juventus and Newcastle after coming from behind proves the same fact, their overall performance level and quality of play is nowhere near to what used to be in the SAF (Sir Alex Ferguson) era.

While all this happening around for united, even Mourinho has been quoted as unhappy by some of the news dailies while not getting the players he wanted in the last transfer window from the Manchester united management. Moreover, as the January transfer window is just nearby, we are here to list down 7 players which united must target in the coming transfer window to end their woes on the football pitch.

#1 Antoine Griezmann ( Midfielder)

Current team: Atletico Madrid

If there’s one player which Mourinho is craving for since months, it’s Antoine Griezmann. This Atletico Madrid player has impressed everyone with his splendid performance with his National team France in the recently concluded World cup and is been eyes by a number of top clubs across Europe in the process.

It was during the last year’s transfer window when Mourinho asked the board to shell out whatever it takes in order to bring Griezzman on board, but a firm delay in their decision making process along with Atletico Madrid’s denial of letting their key player go, has spoiled the plan for Manchester united. Moreover, its not only United’s interest in Griezmann, but the latter is also feeling li9ke landing to the theatre of dreams, as been quoted by one of his statement to the Spanish media last year.

United is ready to shell out as much as 300,000 pounds per week for the French international and it seems like they are all set to target him this January.

#2 Lucas Moura (Winger)

Current team: PSG

Lucas moura is another player which united must target during this upcoming transfer window and seems like they are up and running for the same as well. According to the French Daily Le 10 sport, United as already started with their quest to attract this player toward the theatre of dreams this Januarys and the fact that he has rarely featured for his PSG team lately, his arrival at united could very well be a possibility this time.

Although it’s been rumored that the PSG player has already agreed terms with Chinese team Beijing Guon , he could very well get attracted with an offer from united. On the other hand, even Chelsea is there to chase this Brazilian winger but united must put an “Undeniable” offer on board to get the best of the deal.

#3 Mauro Icardi (Forward)

Current team: Inter Milan

Mauro Icardi

Mauro icardi can be quoted as another player which united must target in the January transfer window as this Inter Milan player is in “red hot form” for his club in the current serie a season. Moreover, even Icardi has shown his interest to rejoin his former manager at Inter Milan and although his current priority is to make his team take the Italian serie a title home, he could very well end up at united this January.

#4 Paulo Dybala (Midfielder)

Current team: Juventus

United has their own issues at the Midfield over the past few years and Dybala could well be the answer to all those questions in the times to come. Whilst teams like Chelsea  and Manchester city are making everything possible in order to get the best wingers and midfielders from around the best leagues, united has left behind in the chase and hence paying the price with their dismal run in the English premier league currently.

Although getting Dybala away from Juventus would be a tough job for the united, Paul Pogba could play a vital role in getting the deal sealed due to his closeness with the Juventus player.

#5 Samuel Umtiti (Defender)

Current team: Barcelona

Defense has been a long lying problem for united over the past months and Samuel Umtiti has been that one player which united must eye down to get the same corrected in the process. Moreover, he has been linked for a move to united in the past but a deal with Barcelona for the same didn’t go thorough eventually. As of now, United must do everything to get along with the release clause of this Barca defender which could solve the defense issues at the theatre of dreams for the long run.

#6 Thomas Lemar (winger)

Current team: Monaco

Thomas Lemar

Thomas Lemar could very well be the most wanted player at united this January and even though other teams like Chelsea and City are also eyeing this Monaco player since long, shelling some extra money on board could certainly strike the deal for the arrival of Lemar to united.

Although Mourinho did ask the board to make every possible move to land this player to united last year, the board refused by stating “Lack of funds” as a reason for the same. This time, they must do whatever it takes to grab the services of this PSG winger to solve the “Lack of goals” issue at united in the recent months.

#7 Alex Sandro (Defender)

Current team: Juventus

Alex Sandro could very well be considered as another best option to answer the defensive worries of Mourinho and united in the Premier league this season. Moreover, it’s been rumored in the Italian media that united might go for a swap with Juventus with the likes of Pogba and Alex sandro in the process but letting go Pogba wouldn’t be deemed as a positive move for the Reds by any means.

On the other hand, Luke Shaw has signed a new deal with united which might make the arrival of Sandro a bit unrealistic for united, getting him onboard to play alongside Shaw and lindelof would be a much better idea to implement for Mourinho and his men in order to make an impact on the English premier league.

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