5 Reasons Which Makes Jasprit Bumrah One of the Best Ever Indian Bowler

5 Reasons Which Makes Jasprit Bumrah One of the Best Ever Indian Bowler

5 Reasons Which Makes Jasprit Bumrah One of the Best Ever Indian Bowler

The Indian Cricket team has always been known as a “Powerful batting side” over the years and it’s quite rare that they have proved their dominance more into the bowling department than the batting field. The Picture, however, has completely changed and India has witness a drastic improvement in their bowling capabilities, especially in the pace department in the past few years. Well, we can give the credit for the same improvement to the new crop of Indian bowling which is led by the pace battery of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and Ishant Sharma and future seems to be brighter with the induction of bowlers like Mohammed Siraj, Shardul Thakur and others.

Whilst all the other bowlers have performed well for the Indian national team in the recent times, there’s one name who has been a standout amongst the rest and that is Jasprit Bumrah. Bumrah is that one player who has been the stalwart of the Indian pace attack in all the three formats over the past few years and his introduction in the longer format too has paid good rewards to the Indian team altogether. Whilst that been said, let’s take a look at 5 reasons which make him one of the best ever Indian bowlers.

#1 Accuracy

Jasprit Bumrah

One of the best parts of his bowling in all the three formats has been his dead accuracy with his line and length over a long period of time. This is something which has not only made him a lethal bowler in all three formats, it has also provided India with a great option to bowl upfront or even in the death over’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the length balls, short ones or even the Yorkers. Bumrah has proved his expertise whilst being dead accurate with the line and length of every delivery he bowl.

Bumrah has been phenomenal in the limited over’s cricket in the past few years for Indian team and he has bowled a tight line across all the parts of the globe to one of the bets batsman of this era. He has been the spearhead of his IPL team Mumbai Indians and been their key bowler for over 4 years now. Well this was something which pushed Virat Kohli to induct him into the longer format as well and Bumrah has proved him right in the wake of some of the most magnificent performances in the recent series against England and South Africa.

#2 Consistency Across all the Three Formats

Jasprit Bumrah

It’s not that hard for a class bowler to deliver some of the most magnificent performances on the cricket pitch but it’s really tough for him to do that on a consistent basis. Bumrah has been that one man who has muffled the batsman with his variations and lethal bowling day in and out. It was only because of his great consistency with the white ball, which earned him an entry into the test cricket over the time.

Even though sometimes he went wicket less in a  certain match, he has always stayed tight with his line and length on a regular basis and that was really something which has impressed most of the cricket experts and fans over the past few years. There was that time when England batsman were on the top of him in the recent tour of Indian team, he still didn’t get hopeless and scalped most of the key English batsman eventually with his patience and consistency. That was the reason Captain Kohli put his best on him even when he was a bit rusty and Bumrah was included for the South African tour for the same reason. Well we all know what happened next!

#3 Ability to Adjust to Even the Oddest Circumstances

Jasprit Bumrah

It’s not always the case that a bowler would be provided with favorable conditions to bowl at and delivering the best even in those circumstances is something which separates an average bowler from great bowler. Bumrah has been the latter for his team in the past few years and his adaptability to almost every condition around has made him such a phenomenal performer on the cricket field. He has been ranked at the top of ICC ODI bowling rankings recently and most of the times. He has bowled in the most adverse conditions with great impact.

Bumrah got the ability to change his tactics and plans according the circumstances and he continuously works on the skill set to bring up new variations to deceive the opposition batsman. This is the reason which has made him an effective bowler at the start along with the death over’s altogether. Whenever the captain need to stop the opposite batsman from scoring those easy runs and whenever there is a utter need of a wicket, Bumrah has been the go-to man for Kohli in almost all the three formats.

#4 Raw Pace

Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah been the fastest Indian bowler for quite some time and his raw pace with all the accuracy is something which makes him a threatening bowler in all the three formats. He has been the trump card for the Indian team in the past few years and managed to hit the 140kph mark quite consistently in the recent times. If we have a look at his recent performances in South Africa, England and South Africa, he has been able to bowl much faster than the opposite bowlers and this is surely not a regular sight for an Indian cricket player whilst playing overseas.

One of the big reasons behind his pace is his unconventional action which makes him generates unbelievable power from his shoulders and deceive the opposition batsman with all those nippy deliveries even in the batting friendly conditions.

#5 Lethal Bowling in Even the Death Over’s

Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah has been India’s best bowler recently in all the three formats and his performances over the past few years is impactful in the context of the poor form of other key bowlers like Bhuvneshwar and Umesh Yadav. Whilst Bhuvneshwar Kumar used to be the strike bowler for India few years back, his bad run in International cricket has put some extra responsibilities on the Bumrah’s shoulders and he has taken the responsibility with both hands whilst delivering some of the most memorable performances in the recent times for the Indian team.

Moreover, if we have a look at his record in the death over’s, there’s hardly anyone around in the International circuit, who can give hard competition to Jasprit Bumrah in this aspect. From a deadly accurate Yorker to an unplayable slower ball, Bumrah has got everything in his armory to deceive the opposite batsman on any given day.

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