5 Qualities Messi posess which makes him one of the greatest footballers of all time

lionel Messi

Lionel Messi who is widely regarded as one of the best Football players of all time along with Ronaldo they are often talked about who is better among these two. Here in this article, we would analyze five qualities of Messi as a footballer which makes him on the list of all-time greats of the game in detail.


  1. Speed: Yes it is correct that Messi doesn’t have enormous speed if you compare this with his counterpart Ronaldo but his speed with the ball or in other words his possessions on the ball are simply unparalleled in the game. He is not just good with the way he runs with the ball but also he keeps a close eye on all defenders at the same time and his goal against Nigeria where he kept chasing all defenders before he decided to take a shot speaks volumes about his speed while he is playing.
  2. Combativeness: Most of the Argentine footballers in the past have been attacking players and Messi is an amalgamation of both attacking and defensive style player and he sometimes let go of the ball to his opponent and then he tries to chase that ball quickly without putting much effort and that speaks a lot about his ability to Combatively control the game.
  3. Agility: Along with speed on the ball the other quality about Messi is his agility the way he swiftly moves his waist to deceive his opponents who are attempting to strip a ball for him is phenomenal. His low center of gravity and fantastic control on the ball contributes heavily towards this area.
  4. Passing/Vision: Along with his goalscoring ability a quality about him that is not talked about that much is his vision to pass the ball to his fellow teammates in tough situations in order to generate goal-scoring opportunities. That is the reason where you see him creating 16 to 18 passes in most of the leagues where he participates as a player. His passes are so effective even when the opposition defenders are charging towards him is a brilliant quality that separates him from others.
  5. Intelligence: The one quality which will sum up all the four qualities that we have mentioned above is his Intelligence as you need to be intelligent and making the right decisions in the crunch phase of the game to execute all those four qualities and the Argentine decision making in shooting and passing the ball in loads of space keeps him in a different league than his fellow counterparts. He would usually land the ball in the nets higher or in completely different manner than what fans or opposition assume.