5 Big Reasons for the Current Poor Run of Real Madrid

5 Big Reasons for the Current Poor Run of Real Madrid

5 Big Reasons for the Current Poor Run of Real Madrid

You can’t really ask for more when you are a fan of one of the best and biggest Football club in the World i.e. Real Madrid. Their dream run in the past few years is surprise to no one and they have achieved it all what a Football club can ask for. Moreover, the club has won four out of last five UEFA champions’ league titles and they have proved their prowess amongst all the other renowned clubs across the globe with great perfection.

While all this has been achieved, the club’s current run of form is quite disappointing in its own terms and they are still winless for 4 straight games in the La liga. Although the exit of their Star Player Cristiano Ronaldo and Coach Zinadine zidane can be considered as one of the main reasons for their recent debacle in the Football arena, let’s take a look at the Top 5 reasons for the current poor run Of Real Madrid.

Reason #1 The Inability to find a suitable Replacement for Ronaldo

Although a World class team like Madrid cannot be quoted as “Effected” to a great extent by the exit and entry of players over the years, the case scenario after the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo is different altogether.

Real Madrid and their team management is still been unable to find a perfect replacement for Cristiano on the pitch and even though they consist of some of the world best strikers and centre forwards like Gareth Bale and Karim benzema on the pitch, the impact is not that big on the Opponents. Though Madrid was in pursuit of some of the biggest names in the Football arena like Mbappe, Neymar and Hazard, they were still didn’t been able to brought either of them onboard. While this also left all the fans amused as well because of the fact that Madrid is been counted amongst one of the richest Football clubs around the world, what happened going forth came as worst for the club.

On the other hand, Ronaldo was one of the biggest reasons for their title victories in various leagues around and after he left, Madrid still got a big void to fill for in the coming times.

Reason #2 The Ongoing Nightmare of their Coach Julen Lopetegui

Julen Lopetegui

Ever since Zinedine Zidane left the coaching job from Madrid, things are really not on the brighter side for the Los blancos in the current season. By the time Madrid sacked Lopetegui, they have secure their biggest goalless run in the past 33 years this season whilst losing three and drawing one of their last four matches.

Moreover, the decision made by Lopetegui during the matches left everyone surprised as he kept on going with the newest recruit Thibaut Courtois for the la liga matches while putting Keylor navas for the Champions league matches only. He was always there like a confused manager who didn’t know what to put on board during the most crucial matches and the 5-1 thrashing of Madrid with the hands of Barcelona was an example for the same tactic.

Reason #3 Most of the players going over their “Thirties”

While most of the fans might argue the fact, but a major bunch of key Madrid players have crossed the age of thirties.  Madrid might have seen a dream run in the past few years just because of their star players like Modric, Marcelo, Ramos, Navas and Benzema, but all of them have now crossed their “thirties”. Although this might not get reflected in their game on the pitch, it’s impacting them as a whole while competing against other teams around with more youngsters in their squad.

Still there is no doubt about the fact that all these players would keep on performing for two or three more years down the line but the time after that is something which Madrid needs to look at in the long run in the bigger interest of the club. Although they aren’t the only team which is facing this issue with their squad, they are still over relying on their existing bunch of “Middle aged” players.

Reason #4 The Big List of Injuries

Another biggest reason for the dismal season for Real Madrid is their current Injury woes. Although this isn’t anything new for the elite club over the years, their recent performances has received a big blow due to massive injuries top some of their key players down the line. There are no points for guessing that Marcelo and Carvajal were two of the biggest performers for Madrid in the Midfield region, but their current injuries have made the team pay heavily in the current season due to their absence.

While Marcelo and Cravajal have struggled due to their respective calf injuries, Benzema was recently been forced off during a match against Alaves in the La liga. On the other hand, Ble have a history of injuries to his name ever since he joined Madrid from Tottenham and recently he also missed the champions league clash with CSKA Moscow which saw Madrid going down by 1-0.Additionaly, one of their Star rookie Isco is still recovering from his Appendix operation and this has left the whole team in big dismay in their recent times.

Reason #5 Lack of Motivation amongst some key players

While we understand the fact that most of the players came over to join their respective clubs right after the World cup, they weren’t left with much time to recover from the Physical and Emotional exhaustion out of the same. When we talk about Real Madrid in the same context, one of their key Players Luka modric self admitted the fact that it was not easy for him to play football after that World cup final defeat to his National team Croatia.

On the other hand, players like Isco, Asensio, Vidal, Carvajal are some of the others in list which have seen their National team getting knocked out in the World cup group stages even while being considered as favorites to win the Tournament. This has left most of them in a situation full of Disappointment and although all of them are professional enough to come over it, it would still take them sometime to get through the process.

Secondly, the exit of Ronaldo left the team in kind of disbelief while competing against one of the best teams and this is something which is denting their performances in the recent times in most of the Top level competitions.

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