10 Reasons Which make Football the Best Sport around the World


The Debate for deciding on the best sport around the world is quite old and experts and fans around have their own supporting facts in regards to their own favorite sport. Still, Football has managed to emerge out as a winner most of the time around about the same notion due to its worldwide popularity amongst millions of fans across the globe. So what is that which makes this sport, everyone’s favorite globally? Let’s take a look at Top 10 reason which makes football the best sport around the world to get an answer to the same question.

Reason #1 The Unending Passion amongst the Fans

It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you belongs to, if you are a football fan, you would do anything to ensure to give a watch to that game at the weekend or late night with your favorite football teams around. This is something which makes Football an undisputed winner amongst all the other sports since ages now and seems like going in the same direction for the times to come.

Moreover, you can witness thousands of fans ridden by that passion for the game coming along to support their teams in the stadiums every weekend irrespective of the timings or the place. Whether you are at home, office or on your way, you would do every bit possible to catch the live updates.

Reason #2 Some of the Greatest Sports Rivalries

football rivalries

Rivalries are something which makes football, a whole different sport. You talk about one and you will get many around. From Manchester united vs Liverpool in English Premier League to Real Madrid vs Barcelona in La lIga, you will find millions of fans coming out to support their teams out of love, hatred and passion towards the Rivalries involved.

Moreover, it’s not just about the fans, but the players involved in the match which gets along with the momentum of the build up around the match coming out of those Rivalries.

Reason #3 Rich History around the Sport

football history

Football can certainly be quoted as the one of the oldest sports on the planet and it has seen tremendous growth ever since it established. A stadium like Old Trafford, Camp nou, Bernabeu, anfield are quite old and brings over the rich history and tradition of the football to all the fans coming over to watch their team play.

It’s Not just about the match, but fans literally feels that magic while entering into that atmosphere carrying a century old legacy of that particular stadium and even the management has done a commendable job by preserving the same environment over the decades.

Reason #4 Relegation and Promotion Process

Almost each and every football league around the world carries a set of rules for the relegation and Promotion of the teams playing and this is surely something which makes the matches between even the lowest standings team, worth watching.

While Relegation is about relegating the bottom three teams out for the next edition of a particular league, Promotion is just about reciprocating the same. Even the UEFA champions league which is being  considered as the best football league around the world, considers all the top most clubs around the world only to be a part of the tournament every year and.

Reason #5 Global Outreach

football reach

While Cricket, Basket ball and other sports indulge only several countries around the world, football is a sport which got the biggest Global outreach amongst all the others. That could well be the reason why we get to see only 10-12 countries which participates in the Cricket world cup and the numbers jumps to 25-30 in case of Football world cup.

Moreover, Football is popular amongst every section of the society in different countries and its been highly recognized and supported at even the school and college levels.

Reason #6 The Cost Factor

football revenue

The Cost factor comes as another very important aspect to the growing popularity of the sport around the world. Unlike other sports, you don’t really need big kits to carry in order to play the sport and can just manage with a Football and small field to play it upon.

That is the reason you can witness people playing Football at every part of the planet irrespective of their location and Financial situation.

Reason #7 The Simplicity levels of the Sport

football yellow card

You don’t really need to be an expert to understand the different levels of the sport and even a layman can easily understand all the basic rules of the sport alongside. Moreover, it’s all about two teams on the ground, playing with the main motive of scoring the maximum goals in the given 90 minutes.

Although there are other rules like Red cards, Yellow cards, off sides, fouls and others involved in the duration of 90 minutes but same can be learned easily after watching the game twice or Thrice.

Reason #8 Match Duration

While you got to take out around 7 hours for a Cricket match, you can finish watching a football match in only a span of around 90 minute. Although there are times when a match goes to extra time but that also makes it a 120 minutes affair altogether.

This Duration is lesser than the time you spent watching a movie or going out for shopping along with the family and this is the reason why every football fan around the world doesn’t find it too hard to take out time in order to watch their favorite team playing in a tournament or a league.

Reason #9 Television Coverage

It was during the recently concluded World cup football tournament when over a billion people from 200 countries watched the final of the tournament between France and Croatia. This was, by far, the biggest number of audience a sport has ever managed to attract. Moreover, the English premier league of England is been quoted as the most followed league in the world and every year, Millions are spent to grab its Television rights along with the transfer amounts of many players. Additionally, Football is the most widely covered sport in the Television history since decades and it has left all the other sports way behind in that aspect.

Reason #10 Sports Celebrities

Messi and Ronaldo

Big Sporting legends are one of the other reasons for the growing popularity of the Sport across the globe and it’s not only their On -field presence, but their off field presence too, which makes them draw the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Names like Ronaldo, Messi, Pele and Maradona have their fan following in great numbers and they are amongst one of the most followed celebrities on the social media around the world currently.

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