37th National Games Goa: 3 Athletes suffer fatal Injuries and have been immediately hospitalized

37th National Games Goa: 3 Athletes suffer fatal Injuries and have been immediately hospitalized

3 Athletes were fatally injured during the on-going 37th National Games at Goa on 25th October and were immediately rushed into hospital as a result. Goa’s Sports Minister Govind Gaude confirmed the news on Wednesday and gave assurances that everything is under control.

He also stated that the State government of Goa is doing everything possible to help the athletes recover faster. 2 Rugby players from Maharashtra and a weightlifter from Kerala were taken to the Goa Medical college near Panaji.

Maharashtra born Rugby players Bharat Chauhan and Sohan Shirokdar were injured during an event and were taken to hospital on Wednesday night. There were no such updates given on their health but our sources in Goa are claiming that the athletes are out of danger.

“Two Rugby players and a weightlifter have been hospitalised after suffering injuries during sports events as part of the National Games in Goa. The State government will ensure all the players are taken care of Goa’s sports minister Govind Gaude said.

26-year-old Kerala born Weightlifter Biswa Varghuse was taken to GMC Hospital on Tuesday. All of them were taken to a special ward made just for athletes taking part in the National games.

All of this happened before the opening ceremony of the 37th National Games took place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the event in an extravagant fashion with more than 10,000 people becoming a part.

The State of Goa is hosting the National Games for the first time with 5 cities, Mapusa, Margao, Panjim, Ponda, and Vasco selected to carry out the event successfully. Only 2 Sports discipline will be held outside of Goa – Cycling and Golf, which will take place at the National Capital.

It is also the first time that 42 different sports will be played at the National games and over 10,000 athletes are going to get a platform this year.