10 Players who went from Riches to Rags

Players who went from Riches to Rags

Players who went from Riches to Rags

The World of Sports is a wonderland in its own terms. While it holds the capability of taking you to the top out of hardcore efforts and Performances, it also peg you down in  matter of minutes out of Incompetence or bad luck. Within our lives only, we may have seen many Sports person to become Millionaires eventually due to the Big money out of their contracts and sponsors; there are also some, who have seen their careers hitting the rock bottom out of nowhere.

While we talked about that, let’s take a look at the list of 10 players who went from Riches to rags in their Life.

#1 Arshad Khan ( Pakistan)

Sport- Cricket

Arshad Khan

All those who follows cricket must have been aware with this name. Arshad Khan was former Pakistani cricketer who did impress everyone with his off spin bowling in the International Circuit. Due to his brilliant display in the Domestic circuit, he went on to play in total of 9 test matches and 58 ODIs for his national team while scalping 32 wickets in tests and 56 wickets in ODIs respectively.

He suddenly disappeared from the Cricket horizon after “not so impressive” list of performances and it was only after few years when a man from Australia posted on Social media that he has seen the former Pakistani off spinner driving a cab in the streets of Australia.

#2 Bjorn Borg (Sweden)


Bjorn Borg

Quite rarely we would have seen a 11 times Grand slam winner going nowhere in terms of Money. Bjorn Borg went on with his addiction to Drugs after he saw off the Tennis courts and same led to his Downfall in the times to come. From attempting a suicide to going along with a number of women, this Swedish tennis star has seen it all in his life.

He even tried to recover from the same starting his own Clothing range but that also didn’t helped him well. Quite recently, he seems like going back on track after seeing off something good with his Underwear line and Dating side alongside.

#3 Mike Tyson ( USA)

Sport- Boxing

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of those fewest names who have seen their life taking most of the surprise turns in both fortunate and unfortunate manners. Being a kid, Mike has gone through all the hardships during his life and while he became one of the most Sought after Boxers eventually, he saw some of the most Unlucky moments turning it all bad for him.

Interestingly, he was receiving almost $30 million per fight and was been considered amongst the most highly paid Boxers in the world But his lavish lifestyle and listfull of Controversies made him pay back in high terms. In the year 2003, Tyson filed for Bankruptcy while owing a whopping $27 million of Debts.

#4 Chris Cairns ( New Zealand)

Sport- Cricket

Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns was amongst the most prolific All-rounder played for the Kiwi side and his post retirement life was even better as he went on to start his business being a Diamond merchant and getting married to his love Mel Croser.

It was from the year 2013, when he was been alleged in the match fixing allegations and while paying heavily towards the legal proceedings for the same, he found it hard to make the ends meet in his life. He started cleaning bus shelters to make up with his living but again got stuck in charges of Perjury in England.

#5 Adam Hollioake (England)

Sport- Cricket

Adam Hollioake

Adam Hollioake played for England in the ODI cricket as an All rounder but after he left the Sport in 2007, he went on to try his luck at the Property Business in Australia and the rising Property prices saw his company do well eventually. However, once the Global recession hit the World, his company’s financial situation went for a toss.

He tried hard to sustain, but eventually been declared as Bankrupt in 2011 and though he tried his luck once again in a different sport of MMA, he struggled it all along the Journey.

#6 Diego Maradona

Sport- Football

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona has always been a mixed blend of some great Football Legacy along with a Bagful of Controversies on his back. While he kept on securing some Big money during his career, he attracted some big Penalties in terms of Tax evasion allegations by the Italian Authorities.

Moreover, the total amount asked from him was in Lieu of $54 million, these 54 years old legendary footballer declared himself as Bankrupt. He was also been into Drugs and most specifically the addiction of Cocaine during all these years.

#7 Willie Thorne (England)

Sport- Snooker

Willie Thorne

Willie Thorne is a living example of how sports can be glorifying and Depressing at the same time. While being a celebrated Snooker player for England over the years, the player went into the addiction of Gambling. Eventually, the player went Bankrupt and even tried to commit suicide because of the growing debts on him out of the Gambling. Though his wife saved him from attempting the suicide, his big list of misfortune continued.

#8 Marion Jones (USA)


Marion Jones

Who could’ve though that one of the best Women athlete this world has ever seen would be finding it hard to meet her ends. Tagged as the fastest women on the planet at one point of time, Marion Jones went on to secure approx $7 million in his kitty every year.

However, the worst time began for her once she was found guilty of taking Steroids and further been indulged in the Forgery, Perjury and Money Laundering. This made her lost almost everything along with her Golde medals won till that time.

#9 Lee Hendrie (England)

Sport- Football

Lee Hendrie

Lee Hendrie was one of those rare names who have made it big at the early stages of their career but found it hard to maintain the same legacy forward during their careers. Lee was earning a whooping 30,000 pounds a week at his club Aston villa in English Premier League and also been considered as one of the best young players in the country.

However, his addiction to Luxurious life and accumulated debts led him to go bankrupt and during the same, he also tried to commit suicide three times.

#10 Allen Iverson ( USA)

Sport- Basketball

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was some of the most anticipated names in the NBA world until his extravagant hobbies and preferences led him under big debts eventually. Moreover, in a recent presentation towards a Judge regarding his Financial situation, he claimed that he hasn’t had enough money to even buy a Cheese Burger.

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