Will you pay 90 Lakhs to see Lionel Messi play? Americans will

Lionel Messi

The imminent debut of Lionel Messi for Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup has caused a frenzy among football enthusiasts, leading to an astonishing surge in ticket prices. The highly anticipated match on July 21st has seen ticket resales reaching as high as $110,000 (approximately ₹90 lakh), setting a new record for Major League Soccer (MLS) ticket prices.

After Messi’s official signing with the MLS team owned by David Beckham, ticket prices skyrocketed, especially for certain seats.

Despite the steep prices, there are still more affordable options available for the game against Cruz Azul on Friday, with an average price of $487 (₹40,000), according to CNN’s report. The excitement surrounding Messi’s arrival has also had an impact on ticket prices for his MLS debut against Charlotte on August 20th.

The average price for that match has surged to $288, an astounding increase of nearly 900% since the rumors of Messi joining Inter Miami began circulating in early June. Overall, ticket prices for Inter Miami have experienced a remarkable 700% jump since then, despite the team’s current position at the bottom of the standings.

The “Messi mania” has even transcended the world of football, as evidenced by Hard Rock Cafe’s introduction of the exclusive “Messi Chicken Sandwich.” This culinary creation features a delectable Milanese-style fried chicken breast topped with melted provolone and can be savored at Hard Rock Cafe’s hotels and restaurants, according to the publication.

Dedicated fans are going to great lengths to witness these historic matches, with some traveling hundreds of miles to be part of the excitement. Messi’s presence has undoubtedly brought a unique allure to Inter Miami, impacting both ticket sales and culinary offerings in a significant way.