When Kajal Agarwal Had a Huge Crush on This Indian Cricketer

There was a time when South damsel, Kajal Agarwal had a crush on this Indian cricketer, she couldn’t resist her to stop watching him play. She was in awe of his flawless batting and according to the grapevine, she had a crush on the cricketer despite knowing the fact he was married.

Yes, he was none other than Hitman Rohit Sharma. In a candid interview shot before the IPL 2019, she was asked about her favourite cricketer by the journalist, to which she instantly replied Rohit Sharma. She likes his play on the ground, she may have controlled her tongue, but expression said it all.

In no time the statement became a paparazzi news for the tabloids and news channels. Six months down the line Rohit Sharma is still hunting the bowlers and producing heaps of runs. He set a new record of hitting 5 centuries in a single edition of the World Cup and became the apple of everyone’s eyes.

He was even considered greater ODI batsman than Virat Kohli completely overshadowing Kohli brilliance.

But recently Kajal Aggarwal was again asked the names of her favourite cricketers on Twitter under the hashtag # AskKajal. To which she replied Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

Fans expected the name of Rohit Sharma, but the diva kept the fans wondering. The reason of her sudden flip over is unknown, but maybe her favourite cricketer changes with every season.

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