What’s stopping Esports to grow in Australia?

Esports is growing at a fast pace and countries like US, China and Japan is leading the world market immensely but there are countries who are not growing at the same pedestal and one such sporting nation is Australia who are lacking in terms of development path when it comes to Esports.

The biggest reason why this fastest growing ecosystem is not flourishing in Australia is due to legitimacy based on interviews given by Bond University’s Dr James Birt.

Birt has weared several hats in his professional career be it film, screen or creative media and added that stereotyping is holding the Australian Esports industry to grow.

“People still think of those old tropes around dead-eyed teens glued to a screen in their mum’s basement,” Birt.

“It’s starting to change, slowly, but our research is finding that those stereotypes create barriers to Australia becoming a competitive force in a sport that has a huge and dedicated fan base here and around the world.”

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He further stated that what we are failing to realize as a country that esports can be compared to traditional sports when it comes to competition, teamwork and mateship.

[Esports players] have to be fit, they have to be mentally tough, they have to have endurance, dexterity and incredible strength of mind to be able to endure the training and to be able to perform under pressure at that level,” he said.

“But people see it as a hobby, not something that people are really training for at the elite level. They don’t understand the professionalism that’s required to operate at that level,” he said.

He advocated that more Esports tournament should be part of upcoming Asian and Olympics which would give new dimension to this fastest growing gaming ecosystem.

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