Watch: Virat Kohli asks fans to chant ‘India India’ instead of RCB goes viral

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is a true icon of Indian cricket who inspires countless people off the field in addition to being the team’s leading scorer on the field. Because of his morals, grit, perseverance, and will to improve, Kohli has reached the top of his field. Although being far along in his career, Kohli’s morals haven’t altered, as was evident at the second Test match between India and Australia in New Delhi.

When within the circle, Kohli was fielding when he heard a part of the audience chanting “RCB, RCB.” Even though Royal Challengers Bangalore is still his side, the Indian batter urged supporters to support their country by pointing to the Indian jersey.

On Sunday, Virat Kohli added another achievement to his resume as he became the sixth and fastest batsman in history to accumulate 25,000 runs across all formats while playing Australia in the Delhi Test.

By flicking Nathan Lyon for a boundary in the 12th over, Kohli reached the score of 8 during India’s 115-run second innings run chase. 52 runs were still needed for him to accomplish the milestone when he played in his 492nd match overall. He scored 44 runs in India’s first innings before going out for 20 in the second, bringing his total up to 25012 runs.