Watch : Ravichandran Ashwin’s Mankad attempt on Adil Rashid denied by the Umpire even before the bowler appealed!

Watch : Ravichandran Ashwin's Mankad attempt on Adil Rashid denied by the Umpire even before the bowler appealed!

One of India’s greatest off-spinners, Tamil Nadu born Ravichandran Ashwin is in the public eye once again as he tried to carry out his infamous strategy of mankading the non-striker. In the past we have seen Ashwin get Batters agitated by getting the bails off without even releasing the ball from his hand.

Yesterday during super Sunday’s double header Ashwin tried to do the same in the afternoon clash against Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. Adil Rashid was on the non-striker’s end while Ashwin was delivering.

Ashwin halted mid-bowl and attempted to get Rashid out as he ran in to bowl to Abdul Samad. However, in a very strange development, the Umpire signaled dead ball even before Ashwin removed the bails or made an appeal. After

But after stopping him, the umpire gave the indication for a dead ball. But it is still a mystery as to why the Umpire stopped Ashwin from mankading the Adil Rashid. There are no rules limiting the bowler to make an attempt and the viral video is all over the internet.

Ashwin has consistently argued in favour of the nonstriker’s run-out and has stood up for each player who has used the regulation to eject a hitter. The topic has long caused disagreement among many followers and former players. Many people consider it fair because it complies with the rules, while others complain that it violates the “spirit of cricket” because there is no indication of talent.

Meanwhile Ashwin is not new to doing all this as he has previously attracted eyes back in 2019 while he was playing for Punjab Kings. The 36-year-old mankaded his present day team mate Jos Buttler and it was for the first time that mankad had taken place in the Indian Premier League.