Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s role in World Cup 2019 will be Crucial? As a batsman and as Captain?

Virat Kohli World Cup

Virat Kohli’s role in World Cup 2019 : World cup 2019 is here and the most prestigious event set to begin on May 30th in the land of founders of cricket which is England. Every team is bringing out their best possible team in a big dream to win the world cup 2019. What makes this world cup unique? It is the participation of 10 team factor which makes all teams dream for the trophy as every team has some kind of chance to lift the world cup in England.

Virat Kohli World Cup

Despite the war of words, Indian squad for the world cup 2019 in England has finalized and there were tweets exchanged between selectors and some players as some of the players was highly disappointed over not getting selected, but it always happens in the game as there can be only 15 members in the squad.

There will be some players whose performance will be vital for the country and the captain Virat Kohli will be a crucial part in the Indian innings as usual and in today’s column, we will discuss why he will be a vital part in India’s world cup chances both as batsman and captain and what will be the Virat Kohli’s role in World Cup 2019.

8 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s role in the world cup 2019 will be Crucial?

#Reason 1 – His sensibility

He is one of the best top order batsmen in the world at the moment, but imagine if he plays in any position if the situation demands? He might have failed  in other position other than number 3 batsman in his initial part of career, but that is not the case in the current situation, his experience will be gigantic and he is one of the all-time great batsmen now with 67 International century, yes, he will be able to score massive runs at the top. But nevertheless, he will be the batsman who bats at number three till the final game India plays.

Virat Kohli sensibility

#Reason 2 – His Patient Batting

He is the most aggressive player in the team and he also shows aggression in batting but not when batting at the crucial time and in the start of his innings. Unlike some batsmen of his caliber, He is not the player who goes for the hit in every ball he faces in the middle, he takes time to settle down himself, plays ground shots and takes enough time to get going with a full flow. He is the batsman who can smash ground shots in a very perfect manner and that will help the team in laying a super score which will be a great foundation to win the game, remember that a good start is always a 30 percent of the match won for the team.

Virat Kohli patient batting

#Reason 3 – He handles England conditions well

There are lots of superstars who score well in home pitch but fails in overseas conditions as they struggle against bowling in alien conditions, Virat Kohli does not have that problem as he handles any conditions exactly well and plays like Indian pitch all over the world. he is already very successful in England in the international cricket after his horror failure in England in 2014. In the very next tour in 2018, he dominated every bowler in the England conditions.

Virat Kohli handles England conditions well

He has always stepped in as hero for India whenever they played in England after his failure in the British land in 2014 and it will be crucial for the team if he repeats the same heroics in the world cup 2019 in the England country. One special talent about him is that if a bowler delivers a bouncer, he smashes it through the ground for four which cuts one major option against for the bowler against him. when those options get cut, loose balls come in which helps him score more runs and he then scores centuries like singles.

#Reason 4 – He is a brilliant fielder

He is a fantastic fielder and has the ability to stop runs even in the crunch moments of the game and the pressure is on yes, he dropped some important catches in IPL 2019, but that will not deny the fact that he is brilliant fielder in this Indian side. A good fielding day will be a good day for the entire Indian team. A player might not score runs or take wickets every day, but he will be able to field well and save runs for the team every day and Virat is very good in that department also.

Virat Kohli is a brilliant fielder World Cup

He fields in cover position and also in deep position during the end overs of the game. most of the time and saves boundaries regularly which is an asset option for head coach Ravi Shastri during the world cup 2019 in England.

#Reason 5 – He is a great finisher

Yes, you heard it right, he is one of the greatest finishers of the game. Do we know that he is the batsman who bats at number three for India but remembers his name where he is called as chase master? That is because of the bats through and finish the line by himself for India in the past 7 years for so many times, he has the ability to bat for full innings which is the ability fetched and helped him score 41 ODI  hundreds.

Virat Kohli World Cup

Not only during those double hundreds but also in the games where he scored 150 odd runs, he has batted through the innings to take his team to a big total and also in chasing down high totals. If he is able to use this ability in the 2019 cricket world cup, India will win the trophy for the third time and for the second time in British soil. As the great legend Ricky Ponting said: “if Virat has the great world cup, India will win it.”

#Reason 6 – He is a handy bowler

Again yes, you heard it right for one more time, he is not only one of the all-time great number three batsmen, but he is also a handy bowler who can give breakthroughs at crucial moments. If there is any doubt, he has taken crucial wickets in the T20 world cup and he has also gained the trust of a captain like Dhoni in the cricket history and also contained runs when he played for India in his initial days. He is a very good medium pace bowler who can bowl in a decent length and he can use himself if the situation Demands in the upcoming world cup.

#Reason 7 – He is a great thinker

He is the captain of the Indian team heading to England for the world cup and he is actually termed as the aggressive captain after the resignation of captain cool Dhoni in 2017 due to his attacking capacity. He is also a great tactician which he proved after taking over as captain of the Indian team in tests in 2014 and the team has performed extremely well under him. even though he had great powerhouse kind of team, winning needs a great captain and Virat Kohli is one of them.

Virat Kohli World Cup

In case if Virat is going out of ideas, he takes inputs from Dhoni on the field which will help him win crucial moments which leads to a world cup win and he is the player who does not show any ego in taking inputs from the former captain.

#Reason 8 – He is a super legend after He gets settled

There are two opposite versions of Virat Kohli, one is till he gets settled, a soft player, one is after he gets settled, a dangerous legend. He plays ground shots and slower than any batsman till he reaches the 30-run area, once he crosses that line it is nearly impossible to stop him until he reaches his century. Sixes will be hit like singles and four will be hit like a game in the computer world. This makes Virat Kohli the biggest match-winner in the Indian batting line up from the cricket world cup. This is one of the main reasons why he has forty-one centuries in ODI’s. everyone knows the fact that, if he fires on the day, then the duty of others is to rotate singles to him and he will do rest in posting a record grand total on the board for India in the upcoming world cup.

Virat Kohli’s role in World Cup 2019 : Chak de world champions India!! Let us hope that all the above points work out during world cup 2019 in England and our boys will be able to come out with world cup 2019 trophy and come back home with a world cup trophy for the third time. possible right? Yes, it is obviously possible, we have the team to do it and this time it will be more special as Dhoni will be playing his last world cup and we hope Virat will be gifting him the world cup to send him off. Virat Kohli is a legend which god gifted the Indian cricket and his batting is a treat to watch for the eyes.

His captaincy pressure hasn’t affected him in any way as he scores run more as captain than a player. Such is the quality he brings to the table for the Indian team and captain aggressive will be taking oath as captain a world cup for the first time in England.

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