Valorant India Invitational Day 1: Match 2 Rex Regum Qeon Vs. Team Heretics interesting moments and live streaming

Team Heretics Vs. Rex Regum Qeon

Rex Regum Qeon, hailing from the region of Asia Pacific mainly Indonesia and Phillipines are a very well known Esports team which approximately has total winnings of $13,503. They were constituted in the year of 2020 and they are currently managed by Kingmaker from Phillipines.

With players like tehbotol, EJAY, Emman, 2ge among others, Rex Regum are capable of outperforming their opponents in any given day. They are already a part of this off-season Valorant event and they are also one of the teams in VCT 2023: Kickoff tournament as well as VCT 2023 : Pacific League.

In their second match they faced stiff competition from G-loot Valorant Clah participants Team Heretics. They are located at Spain, belonging to the region of Europe and they have players coming from a number of countries across the continent.

Their active squad at the Valorant India Invitational consists of 5 championship winning players. They have a very well known roster with extraordinary gunmans like France’s keloqz, Spaniard Mixwell, Zeek from Poland, Boo from Lithuania and Danish Avova.

Their latest success came at B tier LVP Crossfire Cup where they white washed their opponents by 3:0 to win a sum of $4,003 and finished second in VCT 2021 : Europe Stage 1 Masters after losing by 2:3 and bagged home whopping $30,000.

Winners of the first match of Valorant India Invitational Rex Regum Qeon were bac in action for the second match and this time they were up against well reputed team from Europe Heretics. Rex Regum’s Ejay became the MVP of the first match for his outstanding performance and he will be looking to repeat the same.

However, Team Heretics said in a statement that the fans and other teams haven’t seen them. They were very confident from the beginning itself and took the lead by 3:1 by the fourth round.

Zeek - Team Heretics

Heretics are showing their class and they have used their tactics and strategies very well to make it 4:1 in the next round. The European giants are using the features very well and the experience as well as the proficiency is reflecting. Mixwell in particular is taking the match away and punishing the opponents through his aiming.

The tables have reserved for Rex Regum Qeon as they down by 6:1 already. Zeek and Mixwell are just focusing on their strengths and they are backing their words up with actions.

It’s a brilliant start by Team Heretics as they have not let Rex register a victory after the first round and it’s 7:1 already. Seems like RRQ have become a little complacent after the first match and they are losing their composure bit by bit. 11 Rounds are already done and Team Heretics are just 5 round wins away from defeating Rex Regum.

Its 8:1 and RRQ will be hoping to comeback and they are somehow tasting their own medicine. The following rounds saw the score line Heretics dominate the match even more as they are leading by 10:2. Keloqz from eretics has killed 9, suffered deaths 5 times and has an AC of 191 until now.

The European E sports side are really commanding the game as of now and they are inching closer to victory with the score line favoring them by 11-2. Other teams in the tournament should beware of the Heretics because it looks like it is a cake walk for them. 15th round and it is already 12:2. Rex Regum will need to do the unthinkable to win this fixture but they have made it 12:3 but Heretics will not let them take the win in a game they have dominated from the beginning.

But Rex Regum are showing resurgence as they have made it 12:4. However, Heretics have stolen the victory with easy as they defeat Rex Regum Qeon by 13-4. What a clean performance by all the team members and they are showing signs of winning the tournament.