Upcoming VALORANT Agent Iso: A “Bulletproof Wizard” Capable of Decimating Whole Squads with Single Shot


VALORANT, Riot Games’ popular tactical shooter, has officially unveiled its next agent, Iso, in a trailer that teases his formidable abilities and intriguing lore. The trailer is set after the Kingdom facility explosion, as seen in the Sunset map reveal trailer, and revolves around a Kingdom scientist and her group of mercenaries discussing Iso in almost mythical terms.

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Iso is referred to as a “bulletproof wizard” in the trailer, with a compelling visual showcasing him seemingly walking through a hail of bullets. It’s unclear whether the bullets are deflecting off him or missing him entirely, but this display of invulnerability is certainly intimidating. He’s credited with “taking out an entire squad with one round,” using a pistol reminiscent of the Sheriff, hinting at potential bullet recall abilities.

One of Iso’s monikers is “The Dead Lilac,” alluding to “the purple flash you see before you die.” This suggests he may have a flash ability akin to other duelists like Phoenix and Yoru. The trailer hints at his ultimate ability around the 1:54 mark, featuring a large purple effect with his symbol singling out an enemy squad member. This aligns with fan speculation that his ultimate could force an enemy player into an isolated one-on-one confrontation.

The trailer concludes with Iso receiving a new target: Omen. More significantly, it provides a date for Iso’s gameplay reveal trailer, set for tomorrow, October 20. However, the eager fan base didn’t have to wait for the official release, as his abilities were leaked shortly after the trailer’s premiere.

Iso’s imminent arrival in VALORANT has generated significant excitement in the community, as players eagerly await the chance to see his abilities in action. His apparent resilience to bullets and potential flash abilities make him a compelling addition to the game’s roster, and his ultimate skill may introduce unique dynamics to engagements. As the lore and gameplay surrounding Iso continue to unfold, fans can look forward to discovering the full extent of his potential and how he may influence the ever-evolving meta of VALORANT.